Stranger than Fiction(10) recruiting for MoP

Stranger than Fiction (10 man) is a guild recruiting for current content for MoP, and old content for achievements. We have various activities planned throughout the week to achieve for maximum fun. We have specific requirements for the raid team, and anyone can participate in the old content runs.

In MoP, we have high expectations for raiding, and expect to be as competitive as possible in current content, while maintaining a fun atmosphere. We are striving to push for all achievements, mounts while it is current content.

Raid times - Sunday, Monday 5:15-8:30 PST (not finalized yet will be somewhere along that timeline old content date is yet to be decided probably a Thursday)

What we expect from you as a potential recruit:
- Research your class, and play at the top of your game, and be able to compete with your fellow raiders. We aren't wanting to carry anyone at all.
- Come prepared for the raid with whatever is needed that night, along with strategies.
- Join as a guild member, not as a raider. Meaning we expect you to be an active member of the guild. We don't want someone who signs on to raid and logs off for the rest of the week, we want social raiders whom we can enjoy playing the game with outside of raids as well.
- 95% raid attendance we do understand real life emergencies happen
What you can expect from us:
- Solid leadership. Most of us were hardcore raiders, or raiders in general. We have alot of experience under our belt and have cleared content while current. (Saviors, Firelords, etc, etc..)
- A barrel full of monkeys of fun
- Current content kills, and the titles that come with them provided you play at the top of your game.
- A home, and group of people to depend on to play the game with.

Specfically, we specialize in, and you can somewhat expect:
1. Earning achievement points. We have several members who enjoy going out of their way to get any achievement. We do many old content runs because of this. (ICC25 Heroic, Ulduar on occasion, BC raids @ anytime, and etc old content)

2. Gold making. We have several gold capped members willing to share advice to help you with your gold troubles. However, we aren't going to give out freebies. :)

3. Drama free guild, and "bro" free guild. If you decide to join, and start "broin it up" ex: You join and then immediately ask people to come over, and play with your gamecube, and drink nati ice. Expect a quick gkick. We don't want obnoxious people, or creepy people what so ever - you probably know if you fit into this category. Don't waste our time.

-Old Content-
We are huge supporters of the website . Many of our members have participated in them and gotten many achievements. We will be using these for our old content raids when people have emergencies and using it for people who cant make the old content. We are always looking for new friends to enjoy the game with us.

We aren't sure how we are going to decide the specifics for old content yet, but we figure we may have some type of voting system, and make it so we aren't doing the same raid every week. *As for old content, you must come frequently if you want a chance at any mounts that may drop* Anyone can also attend, regardless of being on the 10 man raid team. We will be doing 25s on the old content as much as possible.

Overall, if you're interested in our guild please feel free to add:, or Auron#1154 to real id, and send any questions.
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