Soon to be Alliance (Disciples of Lordaeron)

Hey everyone.. I am going to be switching my guild to the alliance side soon. I am not sure which members of my guild will be coming with me, so I will be doing extensive recruiting. This is a raiding guild so I will be forming a core 10 man group for quick Mists progression. Casuals are welcome but I am interested in some laid back raiders who want to roll through content quickly but not too hardcore. This is a level 25 guild, with all perks, 150k gold, and all tabs filled with goodies. Guild name will most likely be changed as well. If you are interested please feel free to reply to this post or contact me in game with psts or mail.

Raid times are TBD, but most likely will be Tuesday Friday and Saturday Nights.
ALSO *** I aim to start raiding by October 20th, so you must be raid ready by then.

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