A good website for music news?

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I'm looking for a website that is vaguely Facebook-esque in which I can subscribe to my favorite bands to be informed when they come out with new material. I don't need to know if they canceled a tour date or posted photos, but it would be great if I could see when they release a new album or music video. Of course, I can look these up individually by band, but it would be nice if it was all in one spot. Any ideas?
For albums I typically just use wikipedia since they are typically pretty good with that stuff. But still requires a band by band lookup which isn't ideal.

For tours I use last.fm typically and show events based on what is in my library within a certain radius to find if any shows are close enough for me to go to.

Music videos, I can't really help you there sorry :(
Hmmmm....maybe Wikipedia is really the only way. It's what I currently use, but like you said, I have to go through all my favorite bands one by one. I just want a feed like on Facebook :-)
last.fm and individual band/artist pages are where I usually go.

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