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((This is a copy/paste of the current Lohn'goron recruitment thread, Dregg hasn't been able to log on, SO, I shall be opening recruitment again in his stead. As you might be able to tell, it's written in his perspective, so just pretend he posted it. Lul.))

*The Warseer enters Orgrimmar mounted on his faithful Wolf, Tarogna. As he patrols the streets of Orgrimmar, thinking over his life as he watches this new Horde under the control of Warchief Hellscream. He cant help but notice the inner conflicts that strangle the Horde. He shakes his head in disapproval. Such dishonor among many.*

For far too long, we of the Horde have been trying to stick to our old ways. We have out casted races of the Horde from certain military units. We dishonor our elders who have done great deeds, and spit on the graves of our veterans. No more, will I allow this.The Lohn'goron! Heroes Sojourn! For those who do not know who I am, I go by the name of Warseer Dregg Goraxe. I am a veteran of the Horde.

Many of you know of my deeds of when I ran the Kor'kron Legion, many of you may know of my time within the Garrosh'kar Warguard. Most of you may know me just from seeing me on the battle field. Countless battles that I have lead, and countless battles I have been lead in. The time has come for me to lead once more. I have decided to take up the mantles to bring forth an order that is true to the Horde! One that not only defends, but takes the fight right to the heart of the Alliance!

Time and time again though, I see the same thing on every battle field that I step on, every battle field that I leave, more heroes rise. So I call on all of you heroes of the Horde to come forth and join a new beginning for the true heroes that you are to be! We will grow in great power, while honoring the Horde and its ancestral past. Whether you are Sin'dorei, or Orc, Undead, or Troll, Tauren, or Goblin. You will be accepted as a hero of the Horde.

Together! We of The The Lohn'goron will rise to the call to defend our homeland, and knock on the door of our enemies, to end what should be ended so long ago. A war is coming, brothers and sisters.

The Horde needs true heroes…and…The heroes of the Horde, need a place to rest.
OOC info:We are a new Horde RP-PVP lvl 7 guild that is open to all races of the Horde and all classes. Together we will bring in nothing but good honorable Horde Role Play for the community. Our goal is to not only RP but bring in a more balanced side of the RP-PVP matches. More info on this can be given in game. Currently we do not have a website, since I do not know how to make one, although I am not worried about that.

Guild ranks: The following first three ranks are and will be the officer ranks within the Lohn goron.
Warseer – Guild master
Warmaster- Co-gleader
Battlemaster- Officer

From here on out, all ranks are the more casual ranks. They all serve a purpose and each role is very important within the guild.

Scout – For the ones new to the guild. This rank is their testing rank, and for us to learn more from them, and them to know us. If all goes well, you will be promoted to rank of grunt. This rank is more of an OOC rank. With that said, we will NOT turn down RP with you. Consider this rank as if you are a hired mercenary. Fodder if you will.

Grunt – Still, a testing rank within the guild but once you have reached this rank. You will be more involved with the guild, since you are now accepted as a member. After X amount of time within the guild at this rank, a day will come when you will be promoted to Legionnaire.

Veteran- A full pledge member of The Lohn’goron. This rank is considered the prime infantry rank of the guild. Once you reach the rank of Veteran, you open the door to several sub ranks. Veteran is to be considered a very high role that is to be taken seriously.Sub ranks: Once you have reached the rank of Veteran, you then open the doors to three (3) sub ranks. Each sub rank has its own unique aspect and feel. In order to officially achieve one of these ranks, a test is required to be done, to prove one is worthy. Each test is different per sub rank. The sub ranks are as followed.

Shadow Guard – meant for the more stealth like class, but if a class that cant still, can pull this off with game mechanics, this may be the rank for you.

Spirit Guard- this rank is for more of the caster/healing type. All are still welcomed for this rank, so long as you can actually RP it out with game mechanics.

Vanguard - This rank consist of those that wish to stand true to the honor and pride that is of the Horde. If you are to be a Vanguard, you must be VERY dedicated and respected. To reach this sub rank, is no easy task. Only the best will be placed here.

Rules of the guild: While many rules are to still come, the obvious ones still stand. For those who know my way then you will see the same rules that I have always enforced.

Rule number one:100% no tolerance for griefing RP, or trolling. Even on the forums. So long as you wear the guild tag. If a report is given on such ignorance, it will be looked into it and depending on its situation a punishment will be held. The obvious greifing/trolling will be removed with zero warning. I take it very seriously and wish to keep a high name for a guild that shows true zero tolerance.

Rule number two: Spelling and grammar, again for those who know me, I am strict on this as well. For those who know me even better, I tend to mess up on spelling at times (a lot). Mistakes happen, I know that at first hand. Guild members and recruits should have a good understanding of the English language. The obvious ones I point out, are things like this

(example) “ I luv the.s and you and I can go to SW t o b E cool becaose we con.” That may be overkill, but I am sure you get the idea.

Rule number three: Drama. I don’t want it. Keep it away. This guild is to have fun and is for people to enjoy playing WoW. In guild chat or OOC chat, there will be ZERO bashing of other guilds. Respectfully the other RP guilds. They do their things, we do ours. The same rule also applies to the many guilds that don’t RP on our RP server.
Advice:With that said, things do happen and drama does rise up. So before someone explodes into a feat of rage, think over what exactly may happen if you were to do this, how it may affect the guild as a whole. Take it to whisper to any of the officers or leaders. They will gladly help you.For those who may be really sensitive to the random topics that may appear, politely ask if they can take it to whisper. Making angry demands never help a situation .

Guide lines and helpful info:

Guild uniforms: Although I do not plan on having uniforms full times, certain events will call for certain tiers to be worn. This is to better the RP for the guild, makes us look good and above all! Gives a change every now and then.

Transmog: I love transmog. I have seen some great things, even basic things that just look perfect. I am not asking for an “OMGAMAZING TRANSMOG” but I am asking for it to be fitting at the least.

RP gear: I am all for it! Just because you cant transmog it, doesn’t mean you cant RP in it. I promote the use of Rp sets, that cannot be transmogged. Brings back good memories.

How to get into the guild: Probably the most important part. How does one get into The Lohn’goron. I wish to do this all in game. All 100% Role play. I do not need a fancy website to prove that you are a good role player. If ever wanting to join The Lohn’goron, simply mail Dregg, Uglukk, Niakaros or Grulmok a letter. The mail is to be IC (In character)and is to ask for a meeting. The meeting will occur and it will be all IC, now there will be an OOC part to it as well, that is needed. Still, it is all done in game. Dressing the letter up, also counts towards acceptance in the guild.

Example of mailed letters to Dregg:

“Lok’tar, Warseer! I go by the name of <insert name here> and I have heard of your military unit. I too, have been in many battles and wish for a place to rest, with fellow heroes and veterans of the Horde. I wish to set up a meeting with you, as soon as possible. Thank you, for your time! For the Horde!”
((As I said before, this is a copy/paste from Dregg's post, it's all in his perspective. He is currently absent, so in his stead, I am opening up recruitment again.))
Wait, never mind. <3
Hope your leader will be back to join you guys soon! Do love this guild, well give the good ol' BTT bumpity bump.
Just to note to the sunguard member above me, you probably could of handled this in game.

I was never part of 'KKL' or have any knowledge of any of the events that took place in any sort of drama you brought to this thread but...

This should of been handled in game, and not in a recruitment thread.

I would ask that you re-direct any issue you have with any of our members to one of our officers/dregg (when he gets back!) As putting this here just shows you want to bring the drama here.
To be frank I have nothing to say to you in game, the fact that these members have been doing it for months and it is an on going issue, that has been ignored by your guilds officer core is not something I wish to just have brushed under as it's nothing.

The fact someone said "people we wish would just die already. (Eat my balls, Kamiane.)" about myself and is in your guild is the sickest thing I have ever known to be seen on the forums.


Your members brought this on themselves by posting it there for cries of attention. I am not putting up with the on going harassment that is coming from the members within this guild. It has been going on for months and frankly I have put up with enough.

This can either stop from your members or I will be going to who I can as I said about all of this. It is inappropriate, disrespectful, and down right rude.

I am a player now, a retired officer, and a member of a guild I joined so I can be a casual player once more because of taking a focus on work, school, and health issues.

The drama that was brought -here- was done so by your members. If you want it to end, speak to them good sir, and not myself. With out their hateful words, disrespectful actions, and crude behaviour there would be no post here.
Yet this is a thread concerning recruitment. It is not the time, nor the place to bring up any issues concerning what "people have said." This "drama" is not really drama. I find it to be a simple case of "Someone does not like you."

This is a recruitment thread.

If you have qualms with someone. Go after them in-game.

Confront them.

I will not tolerate social friction on our recruitment board.

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