[A] Experienced Rogue LF MoP 3v3

The reason why I am posting this right now is because I would love to begin practicing before the expansion comes out via wargames and what not. I am fairly new to this realm, so I would like to put this out there on the forums instead of talking to people in game.

A little about me ~

I started playing this game since the day it came out. During that time, I have never leveled an alt. All I have had is my rogue and I find myself to be beyond experienced with my class.

I achieved Gladiator back in BC during season 3. I quit the game and came back s9 and achieved Arena Master. I also achieved 2200 RBG rating that very same season. I have over 120k total views on Warcraftmovies, and I even made it on their spotlight. I quit s10, and I did not play that competitively this season due to the fact that I was stuck on a dead server with RL friends. I recently transferred to KJ and so far, I am in love with the environment and the experienced players around me.

I know my class inside and out, and I expect whoever I play with to be the same. I am very vocal, I give constructive criticism when needed, but I am a very chill guy and I enjoy meeting new people.

My goal is to compete for Gladiator in MoP, and I am looking for exceptional players in order to achieve that goal.

Here are a couple of my movies, they are rather entertaining.


The way I like to play ~

After losing a match, I don't expect any raging. The way I have always played is that after a loss, my team and I will not queue and we will talk about what mistakes we had made during the game. I always enjoy brainstorming other strategies that we could try. I am more of a finesse player. I don't expect to spam two buttons and win. I always admit to my mistakes, and I expect my team to do so also. Even after a sloppy win, I always like to talk about what went wrong and how we could improve. I expect my teammates to be very vocal and to never be shy of providing constructive criticism.

I am open to trying all set ups. If anyone is interested, please post here or find me in game on Fatexx. I am online a lot.

I wanted to see if I could find any good players here before I transferred to horde on Tich.

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