Things I can see but not touch.

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Since the big patch I have had issues with targetting or clicking on certain things. Every 3rd or 4th cast on my fishing pole the bobber is there visually but i cannot click it. Occasionally if i'm out farming or whatever some mobs are untargettable however i can see them just fine... I can target them by nameplates but once they are dead are impossible to loot because they just aren't registering for me to click on. The portals in org to the cata zones, occasionally even though i can see them there is no gear icon on the mouse as if they aren't even there.

I originally thought this may be a mod however as I understand it mods cannot interfere with that type of thing. Was suggested that I post here.
I have sent in numerous bug reports on being unable to loot certain things for quests, whether it be items off of mobs, or gathering quests. It will sparkle for loot, but give no cogwheel to loot it. I have to log out and log back in for it to work. Reloading the UI never seemed to work.

This patch has been horrible. Just absolutely horrible.
I've seen the same thing with looting mobs, it is by no means anywhere near as common for me as every 3rd or 4th (maybe every 100th). I cannot click on them to target them, can't see a sparkle, but if I say /target deadmurloc I can target it and have for example used a looterang to retrieve loot from it.
Same issue here on all my characters. Logging out and back in fixes it - if you're in a situation where you CAN log out and back in.

Phase-heavy areas seem to be the worst for this, especially Hyjal (doing the Elemental Bonds chain on my Druid earlier today for example, the "air elemental" section was not letting me target them unless they crossed into the area near Aggra; on a couple of occasions I couldn't touch them, but they slowly lost their health and died without me doing anything at all.

FWIW, the patch didn't start this happening. Cross-realm zones was when it started.
Same, its suuuuuper annoying. GM told me to just reload ui when it happens, never works :/
I went into my add-ons folder, and deleted everything, then went to curse and redownloaded them all and unzipped them all back into the add-ons directory. Since I have done that, I have not had a single non-targetable or non-lootable item or creature or NPC. It's something to try folks. Just a thought I Thought I was on to something...and I was wrong....worked for awhile though. Must have something to do with the add-on interface I'm guessing

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