[A]<Dark> 8/8HM lf healers and dps for 10 man

Dark is currently recruiting for a new, up and coming 10-man raid group that while still progression-minded, follows a much more lax schedule. This raid will only be held one night a week on Fridays, 6-10pm PST.

We are currently looking for:
2 healers (non priest preferred, but still applicable)

These recruitment needs will be updated as necessary.

My expectations are that each person can hold their own in a fight and be able to perform well in whatever role/job is necessary from fight to fight. Nuff' said really.

If this seems like your sort of deal then feel free to drop me a tell and I'd be more then happy to talk. If I am not online then feel free to speak with anyone to ask if myself or an officer are currently online.

Bumping, great bunch of people.
Bumping with updated recruitment needs since it was originally posted.
Very interested I will get with you as soon as I get home from work.
I just transferred to your server i'm very interested please let me know.
New recruit bump!

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