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Emerald Dream
(Hey guys, just transfered to ED today and I have to say I am enjoying it so far. I am interested in looking for a mid-heavy RP/PVP guild. I would prefer a Forsaken/Blood Elf centered guild but I would jump at a chance to join any guild with a nice RP objectives or a generally close-nit guild.)

(Any suggestions? I looked into a few but all the ones that I were interested in either broke up a few months ago or there were no members online.)

First let me say welcome to the dream! I run the Silvermoon Sisterhood, which is a Heavy RP/PVP guild. We are an all female toon one, but we have close ties with the Sanguine Legion which is open to all races but largely focused on Blood Elf/Forsaken/Death Knights.

We hold events jointly and apart. We average anywhere from 2 to 4 RP events a week along with PVP on an almost nightly basis. We are all very close and have a blast together both Icly and OCCly. If your looking for a fun tight knit, drama free, active guild I think either one of ours would be an awesome fit for you!

Sanguine Legion is a lvl 10 and the Sisterhood is lvl 9 if perks are a big deal to you. Otherwise any more info you need can be found at www.thesisterhood.enjin.com it has info about both guilds, and a way to apply to either one on the site! Hope you have a great time on the Dream and look forward to seeing you around.
Thanks guys, I was actually looking into Sanguine Legion. Ill have to take you up on that Emzela. Hopefully I'll see you all around shortly.

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