Well the QQ'ers have won...

09/23/2012 12:45 AMPosted by Axel
It's happening again because Penance was nerfed for levels lower than 85, bringing it almost perfectly back in line with where it was pre-5.0?


It's happening again because 85 wargame and beta gameplay say it is.

You don't PvP, so a direct response to a post I opened with "Healing Priest PvP:" is probably out of line for you.

edit: Just noticed in this thread's title and OP post AND my post the word 'Penance' is not typed out, so I don't understand. I'm arguing sky color and you're arguing the number after 1,384.

This is more or less true (healing priests being subpar at 90) but a completely different topic. It's not really anything to do with penance being a deathtouch at low levels.
Well, exploring, professions and so on don't really require that you do any killing.

Not directly, no. But they do require that you do leveling, and that generally requires killing. My experience traveling through Felwood at level 18 was kind of a disaster. Some bears camped me at the graveyard.
09/23/2012 12:36 AMPosted by Axel
If a spec's BREAD AND BUTTER (in this case PW:S) was buffed 208% 6 months later, something was wrong and it was wrong for a long time!

It's funny because way more than just that happened.

Grace (i.e. all heals) was buffed by like 10%
prayer of mending glyph allowed it to be buffed bvy 65% on first target.
All damage taken was reduced by 20% by making focused will actually proc.
We got freedom
We got aura mastery
All sorts of other !@#$ was buffed.

We were really really really screwed when cata came out, despite blizzard saying a week before something along the lines of "we think priests will be good if not great" so its surprising people trust blizzard so much to get things right.
For the PvE Discs, you also have smite and holy fire, so stop pretending the sky is falling.
For the PvE Discs, you also have smite and holy fire, so stop pretending the sky is falling.

Holy Fire has a cooldown, though, so I alternate between it and Penance. The first mob gets Penance, the second gets Holy Fire + Smite, the third gets Penance, and so on.
All your achievements are linked now, despite statistics being broken.

Not assuming.


All the achievements on one account are linked. Regardless, that doesn't have much to do with the topic at hand. You made the comparison of sky color and the number after 1,384. Well, this thread is about sky color (ie: the Penance nerf) and you came with 1,385.

Note, too, that I replied before you'd made your edits—when your post was a great deal less clear on your specific subject. Because this thread is about the Penance nerf, I don't believe it was a big leap on my part to believe you were addressing the topic. Now that it's quite clear you're arguing 1,385, I'll leave you to your own devices.
While the nerf was needed it was fun while it lasted. I still am able to take out other players in wpvp. I have lasting power and if I play my cards right I am able to last long enough to get a kill, sometimes 2 in a row.
Dear Blizzard:
Stop balancing around PvP in a PvE game please

Damage thing bothered me but I deal. Thing is I'm noticing penance is healing less too. That ticks me off.
09/22/2012 09:48 PMPosted by Skywyn
No class has been untouched by nerfs, Skywyn. Blizzard certainly isn't the best at timely nerfs, and I doubt anyone will disagree with the argument that they've made mistakes, but I've played since 2006 without seeing any blatant favoritism or hate directed at any classes.

I agree, but there are still so many things they could and should have done.. They seem to react before they think.

............................................................................No, I'm pretty sure Elethia made a point and you're saying that because you feel like you need to make a point too, and you happen to be really wrong. I wouldn't call nerfing a 1-shot spell reacting before they thought; I think they took too long to respond to the issue.

I also didn't read your whole post because it was ridiculously long and I already didn't agree with it, there really is no defending a skill that can global a player on a 10-second CD. Any CD, idgaf. It needed a nerf, I don't know why you're mad.
Dear Blizzard:
Stop balancing around PvP in a PvE game please


Dear poster whose name I'm too lazy to scroll up and read

That's a pretty !@#$ty cop-out for incredible imbalance, trying being maybe a little less childish when taking game balance into consideration, and also, this game isn't about you and your PvE

The game is about PvE as much as it is PvP. I don't think PvE is more important, but it's not any less important either. And I do think those of us who do only PvE have every right to advocate for our point of view.
Something that happened recently left me amused. When I brought a Disc Priest to Hellfire Peninsula for the second time, Penance was in its overpowered state. I was dropping mobs four levels above me with a single cast of Penance, and maybe a Holy Fire if that didn't finish the mob off completely.

I complained that Penance was overpowered on the boards, and I was beset by trolls who insisted that Penance was fine and that players have always been able to kill mobs over them. It wasn't the fact that I was killing mobs above me (since I'd been doing that all along anyway), it was the fact that a single cast of Penance was all it took.

Then when Penance was nerfed, I felt that the Devs had gone too far with the damage output, so I complained about that on the boards. And this time I was beset by trolls who insisted that Penance was fine and that it was overpowered before (and I agree). Contrary to what I said before, I never said that Penance shouldn't be nerfed, only that they went too far with it.

But as long as the healing aspect of Penance is still viable, I will always love my Disc Priests. It really is the best healing class of all.

The moral of the story is there are always going to be trolls who insist that everything WoW does is fine, right and proper. There's also going to be those trolls on the forums who can only argue by exaggeration. Some claim that Disc Priests were healing and still topping the DPS charts, for instance. I've never heard of the Disc Priest that could do that. I know I certainly wasn't.

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