Apocalyptic Horsemen Recruiting 10man MoP

Hi there adventurers and welcome to the apocalyptic horsemen recruitment thread. Currently I am looking to assemble a brand new progression minded raid team and can use all able bodied raiders at the moment, I will update this thread as spots are filled. Know this in joining the raid team you will be entering a social atmosphere, I will not yell at you for messing up but I dont expect repeat mistakes from my raiders. If you can display a knowledge of your class and a willingness to succeed in MoP I encourage you to apply to me on this thread or in game at Boomzaton. Apoc will be pushing to start raiding the second week of mists and I hope that you can join us in this endeavor. Loot will be handled on a priority gearing basis which means a sort of loot council mixed with ope rolls. I thank you for your time in reading this and look forward to having you help Apoc become the #1 heroic raid team on thrall.

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