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Why do people associate IC experience with a character's level in RP? It just doesn't make any sense to me. Say there's a level 10 draenei warrior facing off against a level 85 human who is RPing as a novice mage. Should the 85 win, even though the draenei is likely in his thousands with considerable experience?

Also, your level 85, no matter how well geared they are, is NOT the hero who slew llidan, Arthas, and Deathwing. Even though you probably DID all of these things OOCly, you should not incorporate these feats with your character. You'll just be labeled a Mary Sue. So why do people assume level = experience?
I tend to try not to RP with people below level 10, because they could be troll-alts, or death knights lower than 62. It's just I can so easily make a char and troll. But, yes. Level means nothing ICly
For the first part of your post: /roll fights ftw.

Second part: This is my honest opinion too. I don't think anyone should ever RP that they're the person who destroyed Deathwing, illidan, and Arthas. I say that you can be a badass, but not that badass.

EDIT: Forgot this part, Zelphyius (sorry for spelling) not all people low leveled are trolls. Some are returning players. like myself.
I personally tend to at least give low levels a chance when it comes to rp. Though I kind of have a hard time doing that with death knights 60 or below for reasons I likely don't have to state and am otherwise too lazy to. While the in game level equating to ic experience thing seems odd at first, or at least does to me in retrospect, I can kind of see why some may do such things.
The only real bearing Level has on RP is a) getting to certain areas to RP at... such as the cata zones / northrend, without being interrupted by everything in the general area... and B) access to spells you might want to use for RP purposes. (such as say, a flare for example to illuminate an area ). Also helps with getting a good rp set, as you have more choice on what to use and in what combination.

RP fights, well it's usually best to actually OOC ask the person and discuss the outcome first before RPing it out...

./roll fights add a bit of unpredictability though to them.
Some people are wary of RPing with low level characters as it's half-likely the player is there to troll/godmode/grief you. Especially in the example you cited: why would a level 10 character insist on RP battling a level 85? Even if we discount the levels, the obvious difference in equipment alone is a huge thing.

Now, not everyone does take level into account. And that's fine. I usually don't, myself. But then I don't run around on lower level characters trying to start RP fights, either. Look at it from the other perspectives, then it may make more sense as to why people are unwilling.
I don't RP with characters who start random fights in public places for no good reason no matter what level they are.

If someone makes the effort to come up and talk to me, I'll respond no matter what level. If it's a troll, I /ignore them. I will RP with level 1s. I will RP with level 58 DKs. I think it's pretty sad when you can't tell the difference between the low level person making honest attempts to RP and the low level person wanting to kill you with the sword he took from Arthas.
I don't usually pay any heed to levels in RP. At times I may, however, take gear into consideration to a very small degree. I don't mean ilvl, either, just quality. My level 85 greens don't trump your level 30 blues or epics, and the little 85 on my unitframe does not mean I can crush your level 20 alt with my mind even though OOCly I can holy shock you to hell and back. I RP in World of Warcraft, not World of Dragonball Z.

However I have RP'd with people who do take level into consideration, either very much so or as more of a rough guideline. The general consensus among these people is that much of the time and effort put into their characters was in fact done in character. Lots of RP happened in higher level zones, and lots of in-character encounters with the increasingly powerful enemies in those zones aren't something some of these people who have played these toons for years just want to ignore.

While I can understand their logic, though, I cannot bring myself to adopt that mentality. It's like taking the level of npc's and mobs into consideration. That level 4 Elwynn wolf is really that drastically pathetically weak compared to a level 30something wolf in Feralas? IT'S A WOLF. A WOLF IS A WOLF. A wolf from North Idaho isn't going to get roflstomped and one shotted by a wolf from Minnesota or Alaska. Levels in RP really is this ludicrously stupid.

Can your level 85 toon REALLY tank the entire Scarlet Monastery ICly? Is your level 85 f*cking Goku or something? Gimme a break.

Suspension of disbelief is important when you RP in a setting that involves magic and dragons, but I can only suspend disbelief so much and I don't much care to see my RP delve into some geeky stupid "look how insanely stupidly uber awesome my char is" sh*tfest.

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