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I have created this thread for those who love to listen great music while PVP. Everyone feel free to list 1 or 2 of your favorite songs that get you PUMPED UP while you work on battle master!

Here are my top 3

There is a special place in hell waiting for you.
"Be a man"- Mulan
Anything with Skrillex sucks. Check out his homey 12th Planet or Pretty Lights for some good mother!@#$ing tunes!

Excision & DatsiK - Swagga. Fits well when I start owning the nubs
With my hunter I play the following rotation:

Shinedown-Diamond Eyes
Black Sabbath-I
Flo Rida-Wild One
Machine Gun Kelly-Invincible
Phil Collins-You'll be in my heart
and finally.....

Queen-One Vision
Here are a few of my favorites.

Not to mention because I have Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker this song is a must.
LOL probably gonna regret this, but I've had this song on repeat for like the past week as I've been pvping:
No Wonder yall are always loosing at PvP.

more upon request. =)
To start:
The Ghost Inside:
Until The End:
Seventh Star:
Caravan Palavce - Clash
The Unguided - Pheonix Down
Within Temptation - In the Middle of the Night
Dark Age - Outside the Inside
Guilty Crown - βίος feat. Mika Kobayashi
Really jacks you up. Prob the best pvp music imo

I have this on repeat in TB,

Lotsa love Harmis xx

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