[H] Mists of Pandaria 25 Man Public DKP

Hey all, Bonsaii here!

I'm looking to do a 25 man DKP run on Thursdays from 8-12 PM (Server Time), all are welcome to attend but as this is a raid spots will be limited. This is a good spot to bring an alt you want to keep geared

The Point: Kill bosses, get purples. Meet your fellow KJ Horde players.

Getting a spot: We'll take the most geared and experienced people first.
Ex. If you've never been in a raid before and someone in equal gear as you but with much more experience (Like 8/8 Heroic) wants a spot they'll get the spot.
Experience on an alt counts as long as you have evidence of it.
Once you have a spot you keep it. (we won't replace you the next week just because someone "better" comes along) This applies until you miss a week, miss a week and your spot is up for grabs. Leave early, your spot will be taken by your replacement the next week.

Loot Rules: Who doesn't love some shiny fracking purples?!
The way this is gonna work is like this.
Loot drops, highest DKP (who needs it for their MS) must take it, they're charged the DKP. In the event of a tie the two who tie roll for the item, high roll gets item and is charged the DKP.
The reason you must take an item if you can use it is to prevent people from stockpiling massive DKP to outbid anyone for specific pieces. This is an MMO learn to share with people.
Your MS is what you show up to the raid as.

Gaining DKP: You get 10 DKP for every boss kill you participate in. Upon completion of a full raid all members who participated in every boss kill receive a bonus 5 DKP.

Spending/Losing DKP:
Items have different associated DKP costs (These may be adjusted based on suggestion)
Non-tier: 15 (Least competition)
Tier: 25 (Most competition)
Weapons: 25 (Most competition)
Trinkets/Rings/Neck: 20 (In between competition)

Leaving the raid before completion will cause you to lose 75% of the DKP you gained from earlier boss kills.
While missing a week will lose you your spot, your DKP will remain and decay at 5% a week after a one week grace period. It will be preserved if you show up on standby for the raid.
DKP is transferable from mains to alts or friends, but at a rate where you lose 50% of the DKP for every transfer.

DKP is capped at 250 points (25 Boss Kills). DKP will be posted in a google spreadsheet.
Reserved for a roster. If you'd like a spot please post with your current raiding experience and anything you find relevant.

* Denotes raid officer, if interested in helping out please contact me in game or on this thread.

Tank: Avantguard (Pally)
Tank(w/ OS): Gusdoematik (Monk)
Heal: Wombles (Shaman)
Heal: Erlondo (Pally)
Heal: Tastyness (Pally)
Heal:Fathertouchy (Priest, lol)
Heal: Elvacanegro (Druid)
Heal(w/ OS):
DPS: Draknor (DK/Pally/Enhance has yet to decide) *
DPS: Hewnock (Warrior)
DPS: Doerilla (Warrior; Tank OS for 3 tank fights)
DPS: Kogdb (Pally)
DPS: Drblackman (Pally)
DPS: Zeebow (Warlock)
DPS: Googleit (Warlock)
DPS: Plageous (Mage) *
DPS: Deamonaskin (Hunter)
DPS: Gorkulk (Me, Hunter) *
DPS: Deziko (Rogue)
DPS: Security (DK)
DPS: Sesamee (Hunter)
DPS: Harddrive (DK)

DKP Spreadsheet/Roster:

Overflow: Those who want a spot but aren't on the current roster, including anyone with remaining DKP.
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I'm interested in joining your group as shadow, and I definitely see this thing lasting farther than this week considering MoP is coming out.
Not running this week. Why it says Mists of Pandaria. !@#$ Dragon Soul!
Yeah, I edited because I completely failed to read the title lol. You have a cool idea here but idk my plans for guild raiding in MoP yet. If I don't have a solid raiding guild I would be interested in joining, but its early to tell (at least for me lol). Soz
No problem dude, just lemme know whenever. The loot is set up to reward people who stick around while still not completely screwing any new comers.
Retribution Paladin, 385 ilevel. I've began raiding since BC where i completed Kara, Gruul, Mag.
I Started Raiding more in WoTLK where i completed all Raids except Uldar. Ended WoTLK with 10/12 H ICC. I haven't raided too much in Cataclysm but i really want to make a comeback in MoP.
Also i use all the necessary addons for raiding. DMB, Omen, etc
That mad me laugh Psyops. Thanks dude.
Bump, updated the roster too.
Our fearless leader

i like to eat pie
Bump, goodnight all
And back to the top this post goes.
408 iLvL u2h dps ( w/ H Gurth). Im in ur guild, u already know what exp i have and i know how to play my spec. Im koo wit it, lets raid.

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