Tier 4 shoulders missing from vendor

Bug Report
While trying to farm the tier 4 set for my Mage I noticed that the scryer tier vendor in shat only offers gloves and legs
It has been awhile since I looked, but last year I noticed most of the BC epics "even the pvp ones" got moved to the venders up on the Isle of Quel'Danas some are on the boat next to the flight master, the rest are in the various buildings where the quest givers are at.

If they are not their, check the vender over in CoT - hyjal's past
Both the Aldor and Scryer tier 4 vendors are missing all the pieces except for gloves and legs. Just noticed this when I went to turn in the tokens on my mage, yet all the tier 5 peices are still available on the other vendor. The only pieces sold at Quel'danas are recolored versions of the original, which do not appeal to me at all.

Please address this!

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