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*copies of the following essay appeared on boards in Dalaran, Orgrimmar, and Stormwind*

Where Is the Honor?

Around the time of the Shattering, the Warchief Garrosh Hellscream ordered Overlord Kromgar to secure a perimeter for the Horde encampments in Stonetalon. Overlord Kromgar went above and beyond his call of duty by unleashing a bomb that destroyed a druid training grove. Warchief Garrosh rewarded that above and beyond dedication by throwing the Overlord off a cliff. According to the eyewitnesses, Garrosh spoke of honor.

This week in Theramore, that honor and outrage by the Warchief were missing. I was in a detachment that freed a spy. After we returned to the boat, my brother noticed that the whole assault was a ruse to drop a very destructive weapon: A mana bomb. My brother Thieldren served in Outland in the aftermath of the Third War and has seen what these bombs can do. I have also seen the aftereffects of mana bomb exposure. A mana bomb has the effect of disrupting magic in some very twisted ways. The one that was dropped onto Theramore turned the city into a large crater. The impressive organization of the whole operation showed that this is not some rogue general: It had to have been ordered from Garrosh himself. I heard that it has been all cheering in Orgrimmar over the destruction of Theramore. This crime has even greater implications.

Theramore was the reason that Horde and Alliance nations were not in a state of total war: Theramore was a voice of moderation. Neither side can afford total war as they are recovering from crises ranging from the aftereffects of the Scourge invasion 10 years ago to the refugee crisis of Stormwind. This destruction not only removed a hope for peace and recovery for both sides but it also added fuel to an already raging fire.

I am a member of the Horde and I will defend the lands, including my homeland of Quel'thalas. Should any army pursue Garrosh, whether it is to bring him to trial for his crime or to kill him, I will step aside. Garrosh has always been reckless in leading an alliance of races but to authorize the use of a mana bomb on a major Alliance city goes beyond that. Garrosh must be removed from the office of Warchief.

-Leothiel Frosthawk, Mag.

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Murmur's in the tavern are always a way of taking the pulse of a city, and the murmurs of late revolved around what happened in Theramore.
Jax sat quietly next to a group of Orc's warriors muttering about the siege, all passing around the same parchment he held in his hand.
Apparently it was going badly, so Garrosh called in some "special warriors" to do some messy work amongst the docks, and made the army stand "guard" around the fort.
Around Theramore?
Isn't Jaina, if not on our side, at least neutral to us?
And then they spoke of explosions at the dock, then being ordered back, back, back away from the city, double time!
They heard a lone air-ship coming in, no, a dozen airships, no, two airships, no a flight of dragons, no...whatever, they all spoke of the same end result... a brilliant flash, a loud crashing roar that temporarily deafened and blinded the army.

Whether a bomb dropped from a lone Goblin zeppelin, or a dozen zeppelins from what they described of the sound it was Goblin.
Airship bombers , and Goblin's have one thing in common, no honor.
If the Goblin's bombed Theramore it's because they were following orders, and by orders, if they were anything like the Chief Executive Officer of his company, they were following the gold more than orders.
Gold always spoke louder than words...or honor.

Turning his thoughts back to the room, the Wyvern tavern was still humming with the mutterings, and no one willing to speak out loud; But he could hear the table talk, and each with a parchment like his on the table, either rolled up and used for emphasis, or flattened on the table itself...
Terokkar the damn Blood elves did the same thing!
Theramore is nothing but a crater now because of the elves.
Mana bombs, the Elves final solution!
Garrosh was seen speaking to the Elves alone. Were they Blood or Night? Does it matter?
Like the Badlands, but worse, are we Orc's or elves?
Elves are controlling Garrosh! How can you be sure? Look what he used on Theramore, is there any doubt?
Blackrock mountain all over again, but with elves
Elves are trying to recreate the Sunwell in the middle of Durotar.
A few of the Troll shamans at another table kept muttering about bad juju in Orgrimmar.

And now this parchment written by a blood elf who seems to know a lot about this bomb, speaking about honor, and how Garrosh should be removed...things are going to hell in a hand basket.

Jax began to think about these Blood Elf "allies"...they were the ones who burned their land, drowned it in the sea chasing after more mana like some addled brain Dwarf looking for a keg of ale.
And now they want Garrosh removed?

What if we don't want Garrosh removed...what if Garrosh has been possessed by the Elves?
Is this what is going to happen to us, too if we don't obey the Elves?

Does this explain why Theramore was destroyed because Jaina wouldn't play along with the Elves?

Are the Blood Elves and Night Elves in collusion?

The soldiers at the other table didn't see any Night Elves at Theramore, just humans.

Is this what is left to us...are the humans being played as well in Stormwind by their Elven "allies"...obey the Elves, or suffer a similar fate as Theramore?

Will the Elves drop a bomb on Org and Stormwind?

Jax eyed the lone blood elf who had to know everyone was watching their every move...could he be a spy, could they all be spies...gauging us, judging us, determining when and how they'll destroy us as well?

He realized that he had crushed and crumpled the posting in his fist. Snarling he threw it out the doorway of the tavern. Two of the soldiers at a nearby table looked over at him casually, then returned to their own talk

Jax turned to stare out the Wyvern tavern doorway over towards the water where young Orcs were learning to fish...frowning in as he thought more about the apparent looming treachery that is being revealed through events.

A young orc female serving in the Tavern stood over him with hands on her hips, "Jax, you're drunk, again, aren't you!"

Holding out his tankard to be refilled, he replied, "Not nearly enough."

The damn Elves want us all dead, but are too gutless to do the damnable deed themselves.
The hooves of Rúby's feet echoed against the cobble paved streets of Stormwind. At long last, she could feel grateful to be back into safety of Alliance Territory. However, as much to her expectations had lead her to belief, the massive capital city and fallen into a mixture of bitter tears and desires for vengeance. Theramore was lost to them all. She was sure Garrosh and his clan of blood thirsty monsters were celebrating that night. Her stomach churned at the thought.

Moving away from the flight master's stables, Rúby made her way through the crowded Trade District towards Mage Quarter. You could cut the tension with a knife. At least, if she hid in the Blue Recluse for a time, made she could her mind of the nights past events.

Most everything was a blur to the young huntress. She hadn't been in Theramore and to that she was eternally grateful. Instead, she was cut off in Feathermoon by horde fleets. Her night had been spent flying from the stronghold all the way to Rachet. It was only there through murmurs that she had learned of Theramore's fate. Her stomach churned at the thought, but returning to Stormwind had been her only conclusion. Yet, finally arriving changed her mind that she could persuade the king to helping the blockaded ports. Instead, she had to prepare to persuade her guild to take actions in their own hands.

Arriving at the inn, all she do was wait. Glancing up she noticed a paper tacked to the message board. She grabbed the essay reading message and rereading it again just to make sure she had not missed a word. Seems like the blood elf writer was as much disgusted as herself with Garrosh's brutality. Perhaps if more of them feel this way there would be hope for the horde. However, there was no hope for Garrosh. The orc had to be brought down once and for all.
"Earthmother, grant us all the strength to understand and cope with the actions brought on by Garrosh Hellscream" Vizelik stated to himself while staring off towards what was left of Theramore.

Baine Bloodhoof had personally asked Viz to stay behind and try to understand through his Druidic ways what he could of the land surrounding the crater. He would do as the Tauren leader had requested.

Closing his eyes, Viz knelt to the ground and cupped a small handful of soil. The taint from the mana bomb could be sensed even at this distance. The large Tauren let the soil slide through his fingers as a tear slid down his cheek. "What kind of monster would allow this to happen..."

"YOUR WARCHIEF YOU STUPID FOOL!!" shouted a large Orc wearing the armor of the Kor'kron. He then charged at the kneeling Tauren.

Viz, every-ready, quickly rolled out of the path of the Orc. "I do not wish to kill you Orc. I only want to understand the pain that the Earthmother is feeling and to see how I may be able to help.

"You can help by dying you traitorous dog!" the Orc bellowed as he readied for another charge.

"My fight isn't with you, but if you don't stop..." Viz paused to emphasize his next statement "I'll be forced to kill you." The tone of the large Tauren caused the Kor'kron to pause slightly. Noticing the pause, Viz quickly shifted into that of a giant bear.

"You will leave this area Orc. This is the last time I will request that you do so."

"You think to frighten me? You are dumber than you look Tauren. First you question OUR Warchief to be a monster after bringing a deciding victory to the Horde, then you think to frighten me away like some puny human? HA!!" and with that, the Orc charged, axe held back meaning to end the fight quickly.

Viz, the giant bear he was, batted the reckless swing away with a giant paw causing the momentum of the swing to throw the Orc badly off balance. The Orc planted his left foot and spun around, leading with the axe and expecting to bury it in a charging bear. ... He cut air and nothing else. realizing that the Druid hadn't moved since batting his first swing the Orc gathered himself for another round.

"You can't dodge everything foolish Tauren. I will win the day, and it will be your head that I bring to Garrosh."

"You give me no choice. Was the blood shed with the honor-less massacre not enough for you? The Earthmother mourns the lives lost this day. Yours will be the only one lost at the hands of someone honorable"


Vizelik stood atop a hill in the marsh, looking out over what was left of Theramore. "Earthmother grant me the patience and wisdom to understand what has happened this day. Grant me insight as to who the enemy truly is. Grant our High Chieftain the wisdom to bring our people and those that choose to remain honorable out of this war with minimal casualties, and Earthmother..." he paused, sorting through the thousands of thoughts running through his head.. "be with those of the Alliance that lost loved ones during this great tragedy."

With that, the Tauren mounted up onto his kodo and headed west towards Thunder Bluff.

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