Last chance at your Pureblood Firehawk!

We're selling em on Burning Blade Alliance. Looking for a buyer for our last sale run. Currently have an offer at 130k for Friday at 8pm.

Buyout for the mount will be 200k. But we will take the best offer we have on Thursday night at 8pm, giving you 24 hours notice.

If you are not on Burning Blade Alliance you will need to of already controlled a guild bank that is at least level 2 for a week before it's able to be xfered. Most people use their alt gbanks.

When your bid is confirmed on Thursday you will need to xfer your bank over immediately and show me the gold so I know you've transferred and have the asking price. Half will be paid when the run starts, and the other half will be paid before the mount is looted to you.

Alysrazor mount is reserved for the people running. You will not be eligible for it.

Everything else is yours if you want it, including maelstroms.

Add me @ Vishiz#1144 if you would like to bid on the slot or buy it out at 200k.
Or they can buy it from us for 150k and not deal with the bs.
By all means, buy it from them first, but if they fill up, you know where to look :)
This is Intent's turf pal. Maybe you should look elsewhere.

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