❦[H] Aspire 25 man 6/6 & 4/6 LFM ❦

Join Aspire where you can bot all day like Vaeritas and not be kicked from the guild! Woohoo!
Bump for cool people
Geth for main tank?
Geth for main tank.

5/6 and 2/6
Bumpamus maximus for awesome raiding evironment
Does everyone in your guild bot? Currently farming Laz's mining/herb bot in Valley.
Level 1 forum troll FTW!!

but thx for bumping the thread
Vaeritas is botting at this very moment in Dread Wastes. Island of Zan'vess, roughly 34, 72 if anyone wants to come watch me farm it.

I lost Lazlol after kiting the bot to Halfhill and (possibly) having the guards kill him. The bot might've been stuck on Sunsong Ranch, I couldn't find it.
We spend so much time with your mom that we sometimes are forced to look for alternative ways of farming. None of us bot though that would be against the rules.
May wanna send your bro Vaer a tell and ask him what he's up to if you think that's true. :)
Bump for the veterans getting me today off
Bump for raid day!
6/6 3/6 Bump
Looking for a tank and DPS

Full time spots

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