Monkey pvp pet

I've been running him all day, and it seems he's not dying as much as my other pets. I don't think they're taking the little guy that serious. I don't know has anyone else run into this?
I run a monkey when not in BM, and yes I've noticed the same thing. I think it's simply a matter of smaller size and some people really do target the most annoying thing on screen.

The converse is my Banthalos, he's bright and sparkly and flies high and catches clicks so readily, and it works a treat! I've seen so many people attacking him and ignoring me, when you're prepared for that it's the best thing ever :)
Monkeys produce less threat from human players. they are small, cute and Dark colored (gennerally harder to see). I noticed that a long time ago, my monkey rarely gets attacked in PvP. Big, brightly colored aggressive looking beast get attacked much more.

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