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I want to thank Game Master Ixzal for his or her dedication to a long time customer of all current Blizzard Entertainment video games. To try to make the long story short, my raid and I entered an extended raid lockout that we did not want to be in and upon entering the instance (Dragonsoul) the game automatically accepted the lockout in which was not the lockout we wanted.

Once locked into that raid ID, we did not kill anything or do any damage to any NPC inside DS. Usually, after 30 minutes or so, the Raid Instance should reset itself and we should have been able to enter with no lockout.

After an hour and a half of chatting with Ixzal, he resolved the problem and reset my raid ID.

The rest of my raid have had to go through multiple GMs to get their lockouts reset, but on one instance, one of my fellow raiders received the GM named Gallordrynn, whom was hard pressed to not allow my friend the same customer service that we had all received.

Even after given all the character names and ticket numbers for all the raid IDs that were reset, he would not budge and took it even further to say that he was going to look into our other tickets and be sure to email his supervisor and make sure that those GM's would be "re-educated" in their policies on raid IDs. Then to top it all off, when they finish the chat they normally ask, "Is there anything else I can help you with today?". In this instance, the GM asked,"Do you have any other irrelevant questions to ask before I leave?"

Now even Ixzal had said that normal protocol is that they cannot touch raid IDs, but he was willing to give me a courtesy since it was not my fault that the lockout was auto-accepted.

This is what it means to be a customer service representative. To go a step beyond what the policies say and to appreciate the customer when they have a legitimate problem and take care of the issue.

So again, if the customer service gods of Blizzard are listening, Ixzal is the kind of employee you want working for you and your subscribers. Take care of his kind.

and as of writing this "short" thread, another GM has answered the call of duty for the 5th person of our raid.

All in all, appreciate the good ones, and well who knows what to say about the others

Happy days and see you all in Pandaria
I hasten to add I was at all times polite and courteous. I simply wanted an issue resolved. It's not that it wasn't resolved to my satisfaction... It's that he decided early on not to resolve it at all and hung up on me.

Sometimes the answer is just "NO". Regardless of whether or not you like it.

That's not poor service, that's policy.

Please don't necro 6 month old threads. Use the survey for it's intended purpose.
If you wish to provide feedback on the experience you had with a rep, Molpa, please avail yourself of the survey which should be available once your ticket has been marked as resolved.

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