Thinking about race changing...

Death Knight
Into a Tauren. I'm stuck in the middle between the two because there are things I don't like about both of them. HALP!!
I hate playing all of my alts that aren't tauren. We're just so freaking huge! And I mean that in the best way possible!
Need I say which to choose?
dont do it,we dont need any more plague steaks walking around
Way to pick the one Horde Race that doesnt have good racials
Thunder clap is awesome lol...
I really could care less about racials.
Don't do it.
09/21/2012 02:21 PMPosted by Jäckßauer
Don't do it.
Decided not to.. just wish the weapons were a bit bigger on BE's. Thanks for saving me money guise!
Plus u can rock shweet tankinis on that toon like humans.
Once you go tauren you never go....
Oh who am I kidding theres no dead cow brethren anymore ;(
Gnomes all day or wannabe horde goblins if thats the way you swing.
Blood elf /pvp
Tauren / Tank
Goblin /dps
Orc /dps since we get axes in the opener this is stronger for the time being.


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