Cross Relm

hey Blizz. This new cross realms areas suck. i just tried to do some dailys and because of the cross realm nature of the area it went fr a quick 15 min run to a 45 min pain. not good. hopefully you dont screw it up and make the daily areas in the expansion cross relm. |It will be a mad house there.
Im level 50 and there are so many 85s grinding the area for rep i cant even quest. I'm done with wow after this. They wont fix it and complaining is a waste of time. Im seriously going to give Guild Wars 2 a try. If your tired of all this, as i am, you should too.
Guild Wars 2 is pretty broken atm in my opinion and completely different than this game. If you are going to try it give it a real chance and try not to give up after the first hour of playing =P As for the cross realm stuff, the only issue I've had is my battlegroup has a bunch of !@#$%^-s from Kel'thuzad Alliance side that love to camp lower levels all over the map. Never happened before the cross realm patch.
This cross realm stuff is terrible.. you lower the xp, give us heirlooms, and guild perks to level faster to get to end game stuff. But you can't do a bloody quests cuz you get ganked 3 seconds after you rez... cross realm sounds like a cool idea... reality-it sucks
Ya it really blows been playing about six years and gotta say i like pvp servers the element of surprize gives it a more on the edge kinda of feel to me. Was on my monk lvl 60 in hellfire lastnight its bad . You got 90s just ganking at will there. They kill the quest guys shoot what am I talking about they kill everything nothing but bones every where. Opened a ticket gm was like it is a pvp server ya know i was iknr but dude it feels more like fel weavers every where.
I dont mind a little ganking every once in awhile long as it is on my server as of late it feels more like being ganked by the whole darn servers as whole . It should not take me a week to do a 10 min quest . People spamming in trade plz in invite me so i can come farm all your ore and what not because of ir being a low pop server fthis.They dont do something soon they can kiss my well youy know. JUST MY THOUGHTS Plz dont be offended just kinda blows gl

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