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How goes it? My friend and I are currently living in Germany and are trying to find either a EU Guild or a US Guild who raids GMT+2 (1700-2300 Germany Europe time). Vaxcine the Rogue is currently 400 item level and tops most of the DPS Charts. JKilled the Pally is currently 391 after reactivating his account less than a week ago. We both have been playing since Vanilla release, know our class and spec well. We have worked together inside and outside of WoW, and are currently looking to make YOUR guild the best on the server. We are trying to be accepted as a team. Any questions contact either of us at:

Vaxcine Real ID:
JKilled Real ID:

Thanks for your time, and hope we can fulfill the roles you are currently looking for.
Hey champ,

I've added you on real ID.

I am recruiting for both my PvE and PvP teams. We raid Thur/Sat/Mon 8pm-Midnight AEST. I need people who are experienced and willing to commit to get stuff done despite a shortfall of time. Feel free to come chat to me ingame if you would like to first.

Head over to if you want to have a read up on us.

Conversely apps to
Welcome to Roadkill Cafe, where our menu consists of deer, armadillo, bear, dragon, and sometimes even the occasional gnome. Have you ever had the craving for roasted Dranei? Well here at Roadkill Cafe our chefs will go out and find the finest Dranei in Azeroth, and slow roast or scorch it to conform it to your taste.....

Now that we might have your attention lets get down to the basics. Roadkill Cafe is seeking new and seasoned players to jump into MoP with. We are looking to be more than just a guild, we are geared to be more towards a community where you do more than just log on to down bosses and succumb to driving the alliance in a corner while maniacally laughing at them. We want you to enjoy logging on each time and not feel like its a second job because we all have jobs in the first place.

***** What we are looking for *******
- People that want to grow , have a good time but be professional about it while raiding because everyone's time is important.
- New people willing to learn the ropes from ex 7/7HM, 8/8HM players
- Seasoned veterans that can't conform to the daunting schedule of a hardcore schedule
- People who like to RBG/PVP and enjoy other aspects of this game besides just raiding.
- People who have weird schedules and cant make regular raiding schedules
-People that want to raid with a light schedule, Have a good time while still clearing content at a decent pace

**** Who we are ******
Me and my wife have been playing this game for a while now. She has been playing since Burning Crusade while I have been playing since Vanilla. I have been in top end raiding guilds since vanilla with the lastest being Silent on the server Turalyon. They are great people but with me being in Germany and then also getting shift changed I couldnt make the raid times anymore. She took a break from WoW since the move to Germany because she just couldn't make raids that for us started at around 1 am in the morning. We are of the BC mindset that this is a social game but a game that unfortunately has mostly gone away from that aspect. Also that the game is alot easier than the BC time frame and are liking that MoP is actualy looking to be a challenge. We will be rolling a 11-12 player roster so if someone cant show will still can raid.

***** Recruitment *****
- 1 tank ( blood dk/monk/pally/druid)
-1 melee dps (fury warrior/rogue/feral druid/enhance shaman/ret pally)
- 3-4 healer rotation ( disc priest/resto shaman/resto druid/mistweaver)
-3 ranged dps (Lock, boomkin, mage, hunter)
Our raiding schedule will be a little different than most and conform to the people that can make daytime schedules.
Raids will be 11am-2/230pm CST sat-sun. I have the mindset that you dont need to throw youre face against youre monitor for 4-6 hours a day to be a progressive guild. People start getting burnt out after whipes (Yes there will be alot of wiping at start of raiding. Ask any top guild with over 200 whipes on heroic modes). I believe that you can be competative while only raiding 6-7 hours a week. The only time we will extend is if we are close to downing a boss.
At the start of MoP i will be providing all the mats mostly plus the guild repairs. It takes money to make money!!!

- right now anyone and everyone. I have experience at 2900 in 2s,3s, and 2800 in 5s.
Im also a rank 1 on my lock with having Hero of the Horde the last 3 seasons and Hero of the horde Ruthless achievement.

If you have read through this mountain of text I thank you for your patience. Also if you are interested in Joining our guild my realid is We do not request a application as its all a wall of text and doesn't give the overall feel of the person but we will require a vent interview to just see what kind of person you are and make sure you will fit in and not waste your time and money and also ours.

TY and have a wonderful day and adventures on upcoming MoP!!!!!
Just wondering. What is the reason of your move to Germany.

We raid 6-10 your time (I think, it's 5-9 my time and I'm gmt+1) so we might be a good fit!

Exiled from Hell is a daytime (by american standards :P) 25man raiding guild on Runetotem (PvE). During progression we raid mon/wed/thur/fri the times mentioned above. Outside of raiding we have an active social community with alt runs, pvp, achievement runs etc., and you can usually find something to do with guildies at all hours.

We finished DS as US#112 for 25mans and hope to do even better in Pandaland and for this we are recruiting all exceptional players. We definatly have an opening for a rogue, we do however already have a really solid prot paladin, but if Jkilled would be open to playing ret (or even better holy) that would be amazing.

Feel free to add me Miska#1860 or head over to to read more about us and apply!

Take care!

- Miska
Ret could be a possibility but as for holy thats almost a 100% no. Nothing vs healers but its just something I wont do. Nothing vs healers its just 1 of those things that isnt for me. IMO to boring
Ret works too :)
Hello, we are currently looking for a few more heals to join our ranks.
We raid at 7:30pm server Aus time.
if you are interested hit me up! ;O
we can chat on vent or in game its up to you, you can add me via ID also.
catch ya around

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