[A] Rubicon (25) is recruiting

Do you have a mouth that could make a sailor blush? Have you ever wanted to reach through the screen and choke all of the people that have the automatic congratulations mods? If so, then Rubicon might be the guild for you.

Rubicon (level 25) is a small strictly 18+ guild that is currently looking to expand its ranks. We accept casual players, rerollers and server transfers regardless of your level or experience. Our guild is most active during the wee from the evening till the week hours of the morning.

We're looking for a few active, dedicated and skilled players to join our 10M raid team. If you're interested and joining but under geared then we will help you gear up. Our raid times are on Wednesday and Thursday from 7-10PM PST (server time).

We're currently recruiting the following positions for our 10M core team:
2 RDPS: BM Hunter and a Frost or Fire Mage

Progression thus far:
MV 2/6
HoF 0/6
ToES 0/4

Regardless of your guild rank you'll have access to:
· Guild Repairs
· Stocked Guild Bank
· 25M Mumble Server

Guild Perks of notable mention:
· 15% Experience Increase
· 15% Increased Reputation Gain
· 10% Increased Honor
· 10% Increased Movement
· Reduced Hearth Stone CD by 15 minutes
· 20% Increased chance to gain a trade skill
· 20% Increased Justice Point Gain
· BoA Cloaks, Helms & Legs
· Increased chance to get additional materials while gathering
· 10% Reduction in the price of items bought from vendors
· Mass Resurrection
· Reins of the Golden King, Guild Herald, Dark Phoenix Hatchling

We run heroics weekly for the guild challenge. We're currently working on Glory of the Pandaria Hero meta achievement. Additionally, we just started doing Challenge Modes and it's something we're interested in continuing to do. Beyond that, we run old content for transmog gear and meta achievements from time to time. For more information please view our web site http://rubicon.freeforums.org

If you're interested in joining please contact Cantrix or Aaleyah in game.
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