<On Cooldown> / <Relax> members out there?

Emerald Dream
Was thinking about coming back to tank some Pandas, but I can't find anybody. Literally not a single person. I heard Bretech is floating around and that Nevin is still gay as ever, but are any of the rest of you here? Is there any good horde-side PVE left, are you all Alliance, WHAT'S GOING ON, GUYS?
I remember you...

From the Mountains...
I remember you...

From the Mountains...

What's up, dude? Where is everybody?!
I just saw that OCD is Alliance again and paid for a faction transfer. Gonna miss horde. Guess I still have my Shammy there.
I see Nevin around every now and then, but thats pretty much it. But yeah, they are alliance again and theres some active bodies floating around in the guild. I think the majority have dispersed to other realms and some are in Shattered Oath probably.

Edit: Shattered Oath is still the premier horde 25s guild, there used to be some pretty baller 10 mans that were deep into content during its relevancy, but they have either gone inactive or fallen apart by now. Theres a lot more raiding on horde side, specifically 10 man guilds. Alliance side doesn't have much. Absolute and Celestial rebirth are the only 25 guilds, there were some okay 10 man guilds, such as Riven (a transfer guild that fell apart) All in all I would say there is less raiding talent on alliance side now then there ever has been.
Ranor still lives, hes in irc and on some backwater server where his progression guild is the only thing around
Courtney, lulz. I know some Relax peeps are on Sarg, but I don't know about many others. I talk to some that quit but they aren't planning on coming back. This was a dumb time to return, there's no PVE to do and it's pointless to get new PVP gear. Meh. I wanna tank 25s again >.<
hi extremity
Fairly sure everyone split up for good this time. Beans logs onto SC2 now and then, Contra is MIA for months at a time and Very plays with me over on Sargeras.

I think Wrath was the last rodeo, sadly.

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Ranor still lives, hes in irc and on some backwater server where his progression guild is the only thing around

Hey. We have some other things. Like.. people who sit in org and envy me.

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