Leveling Contest hosted by Arch Druid


Ready to level hard for Mists of Pandaria?

We're hosting a speed leveling to 90 contest with tons of free items to give out!

Here's a quick list of prizes:

1st Vial of the Sands
2nd Mechano-hog
3rd Mechano-hog
4th Mechano-hog
5th Mechano-hog
6th Swift Lovebird
7th + have a chance to recieve their choice of a rare pet, or 26 slot Illustrious bags in the guild bank(while supplies last)

Interested? To be eligible to win, you just have to level 85-90 in Arch Druid.

Catch me online on Holytwilight or request an invite from anyone online. No need to post, request to compete, etc.

Hope to see you at launch! Be sure to check out our website WWW.ARCHDRUIDGUILD.COM
While I know a lot of people are already grounded in their own guilds, this is great incentive to join Arch Druid. Getting a bunch of people to race to level 90 would not only level your guild quickly, but also bring in a lot of newcomers, along with the chance to set up multiple leveling groups.

You should post this over at OpenKJ. Either that or I'll link to it.

Good luck with the event.

Thanks. Though, once you hit level 90 and collect your reward you don't have to stick around =)
MOP launch tonight!

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