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I'm of the opinion that you can't overrate a subjective experience.
1. Kingdom Hearts

2. Kingdom Hearts 2


09/17/2012 07:20 PMPosted by Faliz
Majora's Mask had possibly my favorite story of any game ever, and it's gameplay using mask's of dead heroes and musicians, and saving the world in 3 days before the moon falls was just epic.

I freaking loved Majora's Mask. I only got to play it occasionally on the N64 when we would rent it but i got it as part of the collector's edition for pre-ordering Wind Waker. The fact that you start out as normal Link and you think "okay yeah i've done this before" and then they throw you a curve ball and all of a sudden you're a deku and have to learn a totally different way of playing was pretty amazing at the time. I loved the mask system, it created some really clever puzzles. It also had a much darker tone than any other Zelda game which i found to be pretty enjoyable actually.

The plot being that you have to prevent the moon from falling onto this town was crazy, not to mention the moon itself was basically a character with its giant angry face. Using time travel to complete goals by either fast forwarding or rewinding time. There's also so many side stories to experience with the people of the city like the couple who is about to be married but the man is transformed into a child and he hides himself in shame. There's also that mysterious Happy Mask Salesman, how does he know so much? Why is he hanging out inside the clock tower?

You also got to see what happens when you fail:

There's just so much to love about that game.

they really should remake FFVII and make the fans happy. I mean, if they're not going to work on the next Final Fantasy, remake the game that's like everyone's favorite.

I think i read somewhere that they said they won't remake FF7 until they've created a game that has matched or surpassed FF7 in quality.
"How dare you hate on the power of friendship and Notch's masterpiece you horrible neurotypical!?"

I felt that Demon Souls was overrated, but not bad. It was sold to me as being pressed diamond hard, but then I learned how to roll and spam 2-hit combos.
demon souls underrated?! it was under the radar.

dark souls was the one that was hyped up but was definetely not overrated its a way better rpg then skyrim

because its a stat rpg not some !@#$ing oh hey level hmm do i want health mana or stamina

not to mention you clould exploit the blacksmithing with potions and enchanted items to get god level items you actually have to think about what you wanna do in both soul games
1. It is a good game, stop hating because you hump WoW.

2. Also a great game, don't remember too many gamebreaking bugs that affected me.

3. You have no imagination and should just shut up, I probably have had more fun playing Minecraft than WoW in recent years.

4. I imagine you must be 16 or 17 because TF2 is a prime example of a game that I cannot see a death to.

Super Smash Bros. - A glorified button-mashing game of king of the hill. There's little to no strategy involved. It's more about pushing people off a cliff than lowering their health. It's always annoyed me since the 64 version.

1. Kingdom Hearts

2. Kingdom Hearts 2

3. Kingdom Hearts 3 ???

4. Kingdom Hearts 4 ?????


Whoa now....whoa...

Dont be hating on super smash bros and Kingdoms hearts. It may get ugly in here :P

Ill have to break out starfox, grab the baseball bat bat and kite your !@# all over the map. :D
1: Guild Wars 2
After playing since it's head-start release I've realized the game is a lot of key spamming, essentially, with a worse grind for levels than WoW. WvW is a joke and the voice acting is the worst I've heard in a while. Avoid.
2: Skyrim
After being fun for a couple months, even with the expansions and mods it's just a buggy boring mess.
3: Minecraft
Since 2010 it's been one of the most overrated game's I've ever seen. With mods, it still gets boring. Fast.
4: Team Fortress 2
This one I'll probably get the most arguments for. To me, it's just a boring brony-filled hat simulator.

These are MY opinions, feel free to argue.

It is of MY opinion you have an awful taste in games if you consider TF2, Skyrim overrated.
Agree with GW2, but minecraft and tf2? why????
I love how you consider "being fun for couple of month" to be overhyped game. Most games today are barely fun for a few days.
Fallout 3.
Probably not over rated to the general public, but it definitely is among my friends, is the Dynasty Warriors series.

I tried to play it with them, but I found it way too repetitive for me to get into.
09/15/2012 10:02 PMPosted by Flarepulse
Combat is very stiff

Minecraft... combat... wha?! Sorry, this just struck me as funny. :P

As to the OP: I have about 300+ hours stored in Skyrim, and still going. The game is amazing (btw, I played the majority of that without mods, I just recently got involved in them... O.M.G.) I don't seem to suffer the "This game SUCKS because bugs." ideal, but hey... I've learned to deal with such things.

Minecraft CAN get boring, if you don't have somebody to play with and help you build worlds with. Solo? Oh yeah, it gets dull fast.

TF2: I don't like FPS's in general, so no comment.

GW2: ... really? You pick on THIS one? Not Diablo 3: The Boobed Demon?! *facedesk*

they really should remake FFVII and make the fans happy. I mean, if they're not going to work on the next Final Fantasy, remake the game that's like everyone's favorite.

I think i read somewhere that they said they won't remake FF7 until they've created a game that has matched or surpassed FF7 in quality.

The problem with that is that FF7's "quality" comes down to nostalgia and not actual quality. First RPG for many people, decent plot, great graphics for its time (actual 3D,) good advertising, first real RPG on the PSX, etc. It was a great game but the plot and such still aren't better than 6 or 9 from a storytelling standpoint. FF7 was ridiculously predictable, the characters had very little life to them, and Sephiroth was about as one dimensional of a bad guy as you could get. More character building occurred in Crisis Core than the entire original game. I absolutely loved the game bu I could name a bunch of RPGs which topped FF7 in terms of creativeness, plot line, etc, many of which are some of the most underrated RPGs out there. Final Fantasy 9, Legend of Dragoon, and Legend of Legaia for 3 examples.
Any Baldur's Gate game.
I really liked a lot of the games listed and don't think they are overrated, i mean on ff7, that was one of the release titles for ps1 wasn't it? That was fantastic what they accomplished that early.

CoD games, however good they may be just for the occasional mindless run and gun killfest that it is are overrated. The problem with them is they haven't brought anything new to the table for several games, graphics, game type, its the same game.

Gw2 is overrated, everyone acted like that game would bring a new age to mmo's and everything would be changed. Don't get me wrong, Gw2 is a fantastic game and really brought some interesting features that i would like to be added to wow as well of some things that i think are kinda stupid. The problem is there was so much hype around this game, everyones expectations were just way too high for it, even if it was good, it just wasn't good as everyone made it out to be.

League of legends, i just don't understand that game, it's fun, but i can't get into it like some of the people that play it now. Haven't tried DOTA 2, not real interested.
Overrated: being rated or appraised too highly; overestimated

GW2 isn't overrated. If you look at that game, and tell me that for 60$ it is a BAD experience and that it is not better than WoW in any single way, you are a liar.

Gw2 is the king of overrated & over hyped games.

Actually,that title belongs to the call of duty franchise.

Why didn't you provide any details to support your opinion? Assuming you actually played it when it first came out, I mean.
I did. I waited in line on release day outside my local mall's Electronic's Boutique after asking my grandfather to drive me there. Had to wait till after school, too.

7 benefits from being there at the right place at the right time. 8 and 9 would have done as well if not better if they had been given the opportunity to be one of the first RPGs to use 3-d graphics along with the insane amount of hype the game received and the tons of money Squaresoft pumped out to advertise the game. I knew guys who only played Madden and NBA Jam that bought Final Fantasy VII because of the hype (then returned it because it had too much dialogue lol). There's also the first impression bit to keep in mind; it was the first FF for a LOT of people.

I'll admit, I never clicked with the protagonist. The setting was pretty good. It wasn't this awe-inspiring thing that choked me up near the end the way FF6 did during the SNES era.

I'm inclined to agree. The character that I enjoyed was Red XIII. While Cloud isn't the crap like he is in subsequent materials, I certainly didn't like his character. In fact, I preferred Crisis Core's Cloud more(and Zack is damn awesome, and the only redeeming grace of Advent Children). For one, I never completed 8. It got incredibly boring. 9 was enjoyable, but not outstanding. 10 was one large soppy love story with incredible side characters. 12 was pretty fun, but I personally found it tough. 13 is bad. 13-2 is bad. 13-3 will be bad.Type-0 is fortunately great, and Versus 13 is vaporware.

Now on old school FFs, 1 was obviously ground breaking. 2 had a fairly interesting leveling mechanic(weapon skills as opposed to actual levels). 3's remake was top notched. 4 was meh, but Rydia saved the game for me. I had the most laughs with 5(Bartz is hilarious). 6 will remain my favourite of em all(seeing Shadow stay behind and telling Interceptor to leave killed me). Dimensions is pretty good, better than that 13 crap.

All of the Tactics games were excellent. The original Tactics was dark, very dark. It didn't even end on a good tone. Tactics Advance is pretty good, and had a touching plot. TA2 is one of my favourite Tactical games of all time. Can't hate on Luso.
09/17/2012 10:05 AMPosted by Crackhorror
Every Zelda game since A Link to the Past is overrated. Final Fantasy 7 was definitely not overrated, its probably the best linear rpg ever created to date.

Skyrim Sword was great. It was the first time that I actually gave a rat's !@# about Zelda. Link saving the world here is a by-product of saving his best friend(and love interest). All previous Links did so out of duty.

09/17/2012 03:03 PMPosted by Aeox
I haven't played 7. Was it really linear? If so, why do people complain about XIII being linear?

XIII had literally 0 secret areas to explore. It was very nearly a straight line throughout the entire game.

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