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Yes, yes, I know I already had a tea thread, but it was so unorganized.

More to come on the shop, but right now I'm simply having fun making the teas. XD I'm not sure where it will be in game yet, if at all (might simply be left in Haven) but we shall see. Hoping for some monthly, cross faction events with an orc.

I'm open to ideas and suggestions. Feel free to use/adapt to GHI if you please (not all will fit on GHI however).

Also, I cannot for the life of me come up with a tea shop name. Any suggestions?
White Teas

White Tea Secrets
White and green tea flavored with Stormwind city apples and cinnamon.
Light, smooth, and refreshing.

Dun Morogh White Mountain (rare)
White tea grown in the mountains of Dun Morogh.
This tea is highly aromatic with a sweet, slightly nutty and mildly fruity flavor.

Icecap Tea
by Shrilinda

Peach "Poe" Artisan Tea (blooming tea)
With a crown of chrysanthemums and twilight jasmine flowers, this peach scented white tea unfurls with flavor.
This artisanal display is both beautiful to behold and tantalizing to taste. Delicate floral white tea infusion with soft peachy undertones.

Scarlet Cloud White Tea (rare)
Sweet peaches and a hint of tingly mint relax and refresh with each sip of this rare Crusader's tea.
Float on a downy white paradise of tea buds amidst a heavenly double-berry cloud of raspberries and blackberries.
Green Teas

Green Liferoot Tea
Ashenvale green tea and wild liferoot harvested during a full moon, thickened with a teaspoon of goldthorn sap.
Crisp, clean and sweet to taste.

Mint and Silverleaf Tea
The finest mountain-grown tea blended with natural spearmint and silverleaf.
Surprisingly delightful flavor.

Area 52
Ginger, green tea and... what is that?!
Sharp and smooth. It's a mystery!

Dragon's Breath Tea
An herbal green tea with cinderblood root, firebloom petals, and shaved dragon's teeth.
Bitter, an acquired taste, but can be enduring and ease one into meditation.
Inspired by Melithiria

Jasmine Dragon Pearls (blooming tea)
Young green tea leaves scented eight times with summery blossoms of fresh twilight jasmine. Three leaves are hand rolled into pearls and slowly unfold the rich and smooth sweet floral flavor for a truly elegant delight.
This tea is a phenomenon of fragrance and sweetness. Experience the time-perfected trio of leaves releasing a subtle-sweet bouquet of seasonal twilight jasmine.
Inspired by Horrid and Lo'oped

Falling Leaf Green Tea
The finest of Pandarean teas, these bushes are covered in shade two weeks before harvesting which creates a light but very complex blend and a luscious deep dark green color.
Pairs well with [item="Flask of Falling Leaves" /].

Vashj'ir Citrus Twist Green Tea
A Night Elvish twist on the lemonade stand, this pale hibiscus pink blush is ripened to perfection with heart notes of citrus combined with sweet sungrass and Azshara's veil.
Ice cubes make this a cool refreshing lemon-ginger green tea summer treat.

Matcha Darnassian Green Tea
This highly shaded green tea uses the entire leaf delicately ground into a silky smooth chartreuse colored powder. Used in a very ancient and complex ceremony called Chado.
Smooth, complex vegetal flavor with a full palette and a silky finish

Matcha Pandaren Green Tea
The shading retains chlorophyll, which concentrates both green tea taste and nutrients, making this a healthy, tasty favorite. Oft used in the chadao ceremony.
Light smooth vegetal green tea taste with a sweet ending, complex layersrise up throughout.
Oolong Teas

Aged Peacebloom Tea
Served hot, made via straining dried, fermented peacebloom blossoms for a period of time.
Smooth and slightly bitter with a sweet aftertaste. Great for relieving headaches.
By Lortar

Tea of the Sea
A tea invented by a sailor with liver issues. It uses Azshara's veil and stranglekelp.
Served cool, it has something of a salty taste, featuring a healthy dose of not-getting-drunk. The aftertaste is best described as the feeling you get when longing to sail.
by Taedius

Serpent's Boon Tea
This tea is brewed by steeping roasted adder's tongue and crushed snake scales of the grassland variety.
Crisp, earthy, and just a little bitter. Drink hot as a pick-me-up or drink cold to help relax.
Inspired by Lortar

Light's Hope Retrospection
A tea originally brewed by chapel inhabitants.
A mild blend of hallucinogenics and sleep-inducing herbs allows one to achieve peace and sleep even after the horrors of war and Scourge invasion rattled the mind.
By Sheoth

Tol'vir Sands
This high fragrance top tier blend elevates your palate to new heights. It's base is gently scented with a delicate raspberry and whiptail aroma.
Softly hand-rolled to perfection, this lofty tea was harvested atop peaks before making its long journey to your cup.

Zangarmarsh Chai Oolong Tea
Rich spices wafting together create the intoxicating taste of Zangarmarsh. Alluring chai intensely mixes with royal splendor oolong tea creating taste bursts of rageveil, cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutty cardamom.
An excellent warm flavor on a rainy day on top a mushroom.
Black Teas

Lordaeron Rose Petal Tea
A common black tea of the Northern regions of the Eastern Kingdoms, it is now a staple of golden years to come.
This tea has the ability to make any room burst with aromas of the arrival of spring.

Decaffeinated Chocolate Cream Tea
A delicious blend of decaffeinated black tea, chocolate pieces, and flavoring. Sweetened goat's milk is added to make this the perfect sweet treat!
Rich, creamy, chocolate aroma and taste.

Pit Lord Potion
An interesting blend of black tea from Hellfire Peninsula with flame cap and cinnamon.
Served hot or chilled with a spicy undertone.

Tears of Earl'forth
An odd blend of conneach odhar (salt of the earth), a small amount of sap from the ancient oaks of Gilnaes, then mixed with the water of the River Earl'forth.
Once inhaled in harvest celebrations of old Gineas, this tea will bring you back to the old ways.
Inspired by Ferenold

Blades of Barnobus
A tea invented by yours truly after running out of traditionals. A strangely spicy mix with a pinch of Whiptail.
Tastes dangerous, and is named to suit.
By Sheoth

Gilnean Grey
A simple mix that's hard to get in wartime, unfortunately.
You know it's exotic because they spell grey with an 'e'.
By Sheoth

Undead Rose
A carefully cut and dried combination of grave moss, ghost mushrooms, fadeleaf and the petals of a black lotus, this tea can be very bitter with a slight floral undertone.
It's so full of caffeine that you'll easily raise the dead!

Afternoon in the Park
A mixture of black and green teas, dried twilight jasmine, zest from a Sholazar orange, and rageveil that creates a light pick me up for midday tea.
A mild citrus flavor with a hint of late-summer floral scents to keep both the tongue and the nose stimulated.
Inspired by Bilarix
Herbal Teas

On the Crystal Lake
This is a herbal symphony with delicious mint notes and hints of peach and spice.
Cleansing finish.

Voodoo Passion
A tropical blend of pineapple, coconut, chamomile tea and milk, served over ice.
Perfect for those hot summer days when sticking pins in dolls isn't enough.

The "Mana Tap"
A mixture of blackberry, honey, mana thistle, and a touch of netherbloom.
Perfectly safe, I assure you.
by Taedius

Border of Death Tea
An exquisite blend of all of the parts of popular poison herbs that are not poisonous.
Mixes parts from Maiden's Anguish and Deathroot with traditional Arathi tea specimens.
By Sheoth

Hakkar Fire Herbal Tea (rare)
A secret oral tradition of the Gurubashi tribes wriggled out for common use by one dedicated tea lover.
This tea is a drink worthy of the gods with the taste of hand-dipped chocolate- covered strawberries emboldened with a kick of chilies that summon the trolls' favorite luxuries.
Roobios Teas

Hot Lemon and Earthroot Tea
Served hot with honey.
Quenches, soothes, satisfies.

Iced Lemon and Earthroot Tea
Chilled with a slice of lemon.
Quenches, soothes, satifies.

Gnomish Spiced Tea (mix)
A pre-packaged bag full of sugar, heartblossom, cinnamon, ginger, earthroot, and orange and lemon zest.
Very sweet and spicy, this instant tea really packs a punch. Just add hot or cold water, stir and watch the sugar rush begin!
Inspired by Sytoris

Blood-Honey Drink
The Blood-Honey Drink, like most orcish remedies, is seldom seen outside of shamanic circles. Given the heavy amounts of blood required, it is no wonder that Durotar's visitors would like to keep their distance.
Hot and bitter. Known to cause nausea and headaches*.
*One fatality is known to have occured. Sometime after Durotar's founding, the dwarven explorer Brann Bronzebeard was reported to have visited with the orcs and drank from their tea. Reported to have consumed three barrels of the stuff, Brann was pronounced dead after in and out bouts of fever and dysentery, only to awake an hour later and, reportedly, punching his way out of the desert.
by Gulmorgron
Mate/Pu're/Yellow/Blooming Teas

Tangy Cranberry and Apple Delight
A common dessert tea in Wetlands, sometimes mixed with sweetened ram's milk.
A melody of tart and crisp sensations to awake the taste buds.

Energy to go! Pu-erh Tea
Enticing, tantalizing and truly energizing this rosy blush blend of pu-erh black and green oolong teas merge to create an intoxicating mix of sweet fruit with tiger lily.
Sweet strawberries and goldclover swirl into peppermint and create an energy boost for the adventurer on the go!
Available pre-brewed and bottled!

Stonebinder Hangover Cure
She won't tell you what it is, but you're lucky the tea shop is across from her husband's tavern!
Don't look, just drink.
Can be bottled for those on-the-go drunkards!

Dwarven Tea
90% beer, 10% tea with a hint of hazelnut.
You know you wanna try some.
Inspired by Regg.

Thank you!

9 'cause I never have enough room when I make a thread. XD
First - YES! I actually did it. /dance
9 pages for a tea shop? Count me excited to see all the teas here ;D.
mmm tea.
If Aros Drakewing were still around, he'd marry you, Sal...I swear he would....
Hrm... I actually might have a solution for your name problem. I was going to have my pandaren monk open a teashop/dojo/something else, but I've sort of canceled that idea. It entirely depends if the name seems right to you or not but right now I have <The Jasmine Dragon> just sitting there and being used as a bank-guild.
It's cool.

I intend to open a cabbage cart.

And no one will ever be able to harm -- MY CABBAGES!

Nobody will ever take your Cabbage Corp.
'cept the Avatar!
Better than everything else on Moon Guard. EVERYTHING

Salley channels Iroh.
Afternoon in the Park (Black and Green blend)

Twilight Jasmine, zest from a Sholazar orange, and ragveil.

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