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Emerald Dream
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Greetings Friends!

In an attempt to bring you the most current information on our realm for veterans, transfers, and new players alike, I have rewritten this sticky on my main account - which is able to revise, rewrite and amend posts as new information and statistics are available.

Please check it out here:

Please feel free to report this post for removal from the sticky section, and PLEASE request a sticky for the above listed page.

Thank you!
(OP's note: Blizzard has decided to slay my posting abilities. Words of wisdom: don't name your battle pets in an obscene fashion and tell a forum MVP to come at you over it. Thank you Liv for taking place in my absence - both I and the realm thank you!)

Moving on...

"What's the population like?":

Anecdotally, it's pretty even - it seems to change all the time, but at the moment, it's currently favoring the Alliance slightly. So Horde, get on your game!

(( Liv's note: Keep in mind that ED just experienced a slight re-shuffling of bigger players, since we have many people in the community who take it upon themselves to help balance the population. ))

Realm stats according to RealmPop (for level 90s on Emerald Dream-US): UPDATED 10/7/13
- Alliance: 72,956 (51.7%)
- Horde: 68,217 (48.3%)

As you can see, we're pretty damn close. And we like it that way - it fosters a sense of competition, of community, and, of course, a sense that you can be killed anywhere and everywhere at any time of the day. And we would like to keep it that way.

"What is community like?":

In as few words as possible: tightly knit.

We know who one another are; our characters and guilds have rivalries, Kill-On-Sight lists, and there's even bits of hatred held between certain players. In other words, if you're a great person, and give back to the community, people will know who you are.

Likewise, if you spam Trade chat with an arena rating you bought, make cat-calls at women over Vent/Skype, and are an unwarranted elitist, people will know who you are. And (especially with these folks) we don't often forgive, and we don't forget.

Know it, expect it, embrace it.

Still have more questions and don't know who to ask? Try adding a few of us on BattleTag:

Anagram#1743 (This is OP)

In addition, feel free to come join our own moderated forums at:

Please come check it out, I promise you won't regret it! Come be a part of the community!

Helpful links:

For a brief (albeit outdated) History on Emerald Dream:

Maralah's Roleplaying Guide:

Maralah's RP-PvP FAQ Thread:

Drambouie's RP Character Profiles:

Zappie's List of Roleplaying Guilds:

Final note from OP:

I'm sorry I couldn't make myself available for updating this given my forum situation; that was the entire premise of me making this to begin with (our other sticky is outdated by 2 years, and desperately needed to be updated). Hopefully, when this is outdated enough, another poster who's kind enough will come along to update it. Until then, happy hunting and most importantly, welcome to Emerald ____ing Dream!
(( You're my favorite deady.

*sap* ))
its about time.

09/14/2012 01:31 PMPosted by Congelado
*Kidney shot*

Not on the public forums, baby. *wink*

(( I was so determined to be included! Everyone was like "we won't be healing you because you're only level __" and I was like BRING IT ON YEAH WPVP!

I'm a glutton for punishment. ))
requested sticky
Thanks for the link, i'll check it out

Also might take that offer on switching sides...

I've always had a soft spot for trolls

(( Look up the Gor'watha Warband, Blackmoon Tribe, or Blacktooth Grin Clan. They're all fond of trolls, if I recall correctly. ))

09/14/2012 02:52 PMPosted by Congelado

Like you don't know where to find me.
The Sanguine Legion our brother guild take in trolls too Livvy.
09/14/2012 02:45 PMPosted by Vodoo
All of this sounds amazing, but since recently transferring ive seen nothing but silence in guild chat despite there being 20-40 people online

Unfortunately, Vodoo, this is going to happen with many guilds, especially when they are just going for numbers, achievements, levels, etc. Try finding a closer-knit guild that's very social and friendly.

Fantastic post, Congelado, I voted for sticky.

I'm not confident enough to put out my BattleTag, but for anyone who's looking at ED Alliance, I am on a lot, just look me up, and I'll see what I can do for you!

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its about time.



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