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Emerald Dream
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I came to this realm a month and a half ago after two years of miserable boredom on Arthas realm. Emerald Dream rocks. Great people with an excellent community and like the OP says, you get the feeling that everyone knows each other here. It definitely creates an atmosphere in which you feel your actions actually have some impact.

WPvP has been excellent, far better than on Arthas, with lots of little flare-ups and people always looking to get something going. From an alliance point of view, it's great to see people ready to fight as soon as an attack comes on.

The guild I joined has also been outstanding, with some really great, cool and mature players, who are all excellent at PvP.

So, all to say, the switch to this realm has been well worth it. If you are looking for solid PvP/wPvP with some RP thrown in and a very close-knit community, ED is the place to call home.
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Also: For those looking for Hordeside RP, quite a few guilds make their homes in Silvermoon City right now (The Sunsworn, Gor'Watha Warband, Phoenix Highguard, et cetera). I've heard from some that the Earthspear Clan tends to congregate around the pond in Thunder Bluff and IIRC the orcs of Clan Stormfist call Nagrand home (but can be found out and about in other orc territories). There's rp to be had everywhere, but I agree with the OP that making nice with roleplaying guilds on either faction really, really helps you find people to connect with.

Well written, and wonderful information.


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