Thinking about Emerald Dream? Read This First

Emerald Dream
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got my sticky vote !
Excellent thread Congelado, Wish I had this to read before I transferred just to get my decision made a little earlier.
(( Bump for the best "Should I transfer here?" thread ever. ))
gj promoting ur server instead of just QQing
Coming from a dead server I played on since wrath I leveled this toon on and off toward the end of Cata. Since I started playing full time on this server I have completely re-fallen(that's a word right?) with the game. A good server and a great guild can do a lot to improve the game. I love you all <3 even you mean horde that ganked me D:
bump for great thread and server pride *gnomefist*
"You have already sent a sticky request for this topic."

Well, make it a sticky already! GAWD!
excellent job done
WTB more sticky votes.

Bricke will bounce for you. He's a nelf now, so that's not weird or anything.


Have some hilarious cats. Are they still a thing?
Voted for teh sticky.
Question: If you're undead and LEAVING US FOREVER does that mean you've had two dying wishes? One when you died and one when you became dead to me?

Thanks for this post
Man, that hurts.

I'll be back... soon enough.

I tease, darling. <3 Sometimes there are good reasons to quit playing for a while, or for good. The only reason you could ever be dead to me is because you're a deadie. *hugs*

Sometimes I should learn not to open my smart mouth in the first place.

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