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Emerald Dream
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buuuuuuump it up.
Oh babi
1 day...... 1 day
24 hours remain?

Oh shi---
Awesome thread Cong. Real good job
A friendly neighborhood bump for a still-relevant thread.
My threat of limericks still stands. Sticky this thing already.
This was (no joke) probably the only stick thread I have read from a to z. Really catches the reader. Have you ever tried writing a book? I'd read it. Good job.
Sticky requested!

Bumping her up :)
One day this will be stickied... Unfortunately by the time this thread gets stickied wow will have gone FTP and have died.
Sticky Requested. Great post!
Back to the top with you!!!
What a lovely guide.
And I will attempt to launch this to the top again !

*pulls out goblin rocket launcher AR-52 model 3*

Why is this not stickied yet.


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