WoW Armory stopped unexpectedly... Galaxy Tab

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The latest WoW Armory does not appear to be function correctly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The application closes with just a brown screen, and most of the time shows the error message.

WoW Armory (process has stopped unexpectedly.

I was able to briefly access the login screen once after clearing the data, but crashed before I was able to enter my credentials.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing but no dice.
I've been having exactly the same problem for a couple days now, tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice with no luck.

Edit: 90% of the time, it will completely skip the force close screen and will not give me an opportunity to formally report the issue. A rollback to the previous version or the option to do so would be great, even if that means putting both the new and previous versions on Google Play simultaneously.
I'm also having the same problem on Dell streak 7 ever since the update would be nice to have this fixed already
Me too,

It's really anoying actually.
We're looking at a potential hotfix to address this.
I am having the same problem. Iam using a galaxy tag 10.1 gt-p7500.
Thanks for the help.
I am also experiencing the same issue on my LG Optimus S running Android v2.3.3 (Gingerbread). Previous versions of the mobile armory app worked fine on this device. This is an ARM11 (ARM v6) phone, with MDPI resolution at 320x480. Hope this info helps, and looking forward to a fix.

This is for version 5.0.0 of the mobile armory app btw.
Im Having exactly the same issue, mine is a Galaxy Tab GT-P7500 and it was working fine before MoP.

First Guild Chat stopped working, a new version appeared and after that it all went black for me and my Armory Remote.

Looking forward for a fix on this!
If you upgrade your OS past 2.0/3.0 to 4.0+, this issue should no longer occur. If you are unable to upgrade your device, you may wish to contact the device or carrier's tech support to find out if there is a method to do so.

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