servers crashing

Its the same on Bleeding Hollow as well - sigh - come on Blizzard wth
who told you that?
Hang the bastard hang em high! Hoist his body to the skyyy!
And when he stops moving we will knooowww!
Its the end of him! and we all can play wooooow!
So annoying! C'mon Blue
can i haz like ooper kewl mopz gearz nao??????
Stop the hax0rs
GOOD news Deathwing is not crashing !!! LOL
its kinda sad ppl have to behave like this.... which is y we cant have nice things
people demanding nice things when other people claim we cant have them?!?!! sounds like a subtle nod to american culture...if you know what i mean,
well now i have nothing left to do with my lovely night except watch the money being stripped from bank account going to xxWOW-BLIZZARD-ENTxx QQ
I wonder if they are going to be banned
something tells me they will

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