[A|9.22] A Harvest Celebration! (TEA/TWS)

Wyrmrest Accord
Autumn has arrived, and the Harvest Festival? It's right around the corner. The White Sigil and The Embersea Accord are coming together to throw a harvest celebration on the eve of our introduction to Mists of Pandaria, and we cordially invite you to participate in a bit of roleplay before the leveling craze sets in!

Location: Redridge
Time: 6:30pm Server
Date: 09/22/12
We hope to see you there!


[ A parchment has been tacked tidily to a post in Stormwind. It's one of many, and easy to find throughout the allied territories. While distributed before the assault on Theramore began, TEA and TWS have decided not to postone or cancel the event. Morale was low; A community event might serve to bolster it. ]

The Embersea Accord and The White Sigil invite you and your family to participate in;

~~ A Harvest Celebration ~~

What are you thankful for? Family, friends and community are some of the wonderful things we value as citizens and humanitarians. As the year begins to wane and the harvest draws near, this is a time of reflection and a celebration of the things we value and cherish and share with one another.

Sample foods from various parts of the world, taste freshly made ciders and teas spiced with the warmth of the season, and participate in one of our many booths and games that trek the creative spectrum! Pie-eating contests, strong-man contestants, fortune-telling and portrait-drawing... We endeavor to provide an event that will make you smile, and we'll end our night with a bonfire circle and a small dedication.

Join us in the pleasant town of Lakeshire (Redridge) on 9.22 at 6:30 in the evening. Festivities are expected to last some two hours until the event is closed.

- The White Sigil | The Embersea Accord
"Strength through community, community through compassion."
Will definitely try to make it out for this.
/bumping :)
Some people from Gnomeregan Forever pointed me to this event so yeah I'll be there.
It will be glorious! <3
Gotta eat all the omnoms! :3
High five!

Grim'll do his best to be there.
I missed the Pirate's Day event /sadface ~ so hopefully the guildies and I can make it to this!

P.S. I think we went to an event that TEA put on a long while back...up in Aerie Peak? If so - fun event! (Never really got a chance to let you guys know ^-^)
Bumping for great justice!
And another bump for equal justice!
That was fun! I chatlogged everything and had a great time.

Props to Siosil for winning the pie-eating contest, the great laughs from the Truth or Dare circle (including Marius having his rear slapped by Marlo), and all the awesome characters. I especially liked Gallant as a mechanical dwarf.

10/10 will attend another WS/TEA event.
We had a great time! We'd have been there in greater numbers but there was a conflict with our regularly scheduled raid night. So many of our higher level Gnomes were tackling ICC25 for achieves.

Thanks for the invite and we'll look forward to Hallows End!

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
God, I miss another ev--wait a minute... Hey!
A wonderful time as always. I wish I'd been able to stick around a bit longer. The Truth or Dare game sounded like a lot of fun.

Say, is there any pie left over?
Bah! Another event missed >_< Perhaps in the future! I'm sure it was spectacular!

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