Broke left pinky, lost a lot of key binds

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Does anyone have any experience with a Razer Naga? Or any other mice with a lot of buttons on them? I lost a lot of my key binds because I cant press shift, ctrl, or alt on the left side of the keyboard. I don't like the look or feel of the Naga, but it might be my only option to remain competitive on MoP release.
I have a naga. It's useful.

Not the most ringing endorsement I suppose, but it does what it needs to do.
i use both the naga and the nostramo by razor. the naga is very useful for buffs/instant casts/utility spells, while the nostramo is an excelent keypad that allows you to use whichever finger(s) you prefer for whichever moves you prefer. i personally use my thumb for just about every single key other than tab/movement. if you need to move from pinky use for the time being, i would highly suggest the nostramo.

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