rate that dk transmog

Death Knight
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11/04/2012 08:17 PMPosted by Báewulf
Mine looks average

8/10 for the Golden Worgen.

As for me, I am working on getting a damn sword to drop so that I can transmog the matching sword graphic. The shirt im wearing doesnt match as well as I thought it would! lol.
6/10 for the Orc DK.

As for me... "KILLER" - "BAD@$" - "SUPER RED HOT"
8/10. I don't really like half naked style.
9/10, love the style, the shoulders just have always looked a little silly in that set to me....
7/10. I'd find a better helmet or just not display it.

If my armory hasn't updated, my weapon should be Cataclysm's Edge, but would appreciate suggestions for something else.
I'll give you 7/10, you would get more if you had a helmet.
Eh... Straight Tier Transmog? ... Ah, wait. No, it isn't. Very, very tricky.

Still, it's not a terrifically "DK" like tier, and you do need better boots, belt, and your weapons fairly uninspired.

6/10 - shows definite effort and creativity, but incomplete
^7/10 I like it. Maybe I should look to do something like that, although I have grown to like this mog I have. Have yet to see another like it.
Finished my set.
9/10 Very nice! I'm a fan of the shoulders

Mine's a collection of ummm.. Brown pieces.
beep beep 8/10
6/10 Not much on the sluty look
7/10, not a fan of the goggles but only personal taste
T10 is a cool set, but not entirely difficult to get. it works well with the starter dress though. 7/10

mine doesn't look right without my tabard showing. also, working on getting untamed blade/ashkandi for a complete mc/bwl raider look.
erm......Malus ninja'd my set......i have the hood but armory didn't update so i still have my T13 helm -_-
^ 4/10
That barely looks like a set at al, too many different colors, the set just doesnt flow right
edit: it even SAYS in my armory my helm is xmogged, but it doesn't show in visual -_-
check it out, still farming all the five mans but this is my current fave. 7/10 helm and boots are slightly a shade lighter than the rest of your gear however still look like a bad !@# bulldog bro
Helms are dumb, and capes are bad, just ask Edna.
2/10 ^

Whats goin on in this thread?
dk above me gets 5 only cause i like the shoulders but thats it... Why would a DK wear a fencing mask, its just not evil or anything.
you also have the sword i want for my other transmog :X Thats why you got up to 5
2/10 ^

Whats goin on in this thread?

I'm sure enemies are quivering in their panties from the site of your Alabaster. /eyeroll

FYI, not all DK's are "evil", nor does my helm look even close to a fencing mask. /facepalm

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