Possible Warchief (Just a thought!)

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09/18/2012 10:50 PMPosted by Kyalin
You clearly haven't heard my suggestion yet.

I will be impressed if it's actually worse than Med'an.
Me'dan is a bad choice for three key reasons.

1. His popularity among the playerbase is...not that good to say the least.

2. He is literally only 1-quarter Orc and has far stronger Alliance heritage from his human father and Draenei grandparent.

3. He has zero leadership experience.

Personally I've started to consider that maybe it's time for Vol'jin to become Warchief. He saw Garrosh for what he was long before anyone else, including Thrall, did. He is a proven diplomat, and has been shown capable getting very diverse forces to willingly work together. He's also getting his own novel, which should more then resolve any character development deficiencies he may have.

There is the issue of him not being an Orc, but I don't think that's a completely insurmountable problem so long as he has the new Orc leader's support.

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