<Tryhards>(25) Now Horde! Recruiting 2200+

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<Tryhards>(25) is an established, tight-knit group of PvP enthusiast, looking for more members to be a part of our family for MoP and beyond. Previously Alliance, we've changed our sides and are now taking up arms as the Horde.

We're looking for more people to bolster the ranks and partake in our Arena, (R)BG, and world PvP driven community.
Requirements: 2200+ Acheivment in RBGS / Arenas.

This achievement must have matched statistics on the character you wish to apply on if your main is stationed on Kil'Jaeden. If you are 2200+ on an offrealm character, a provided armory will permit entrance to the guild.


You must send us a picture of 40 chicken McNuggets, along side a piece of paper with

- Your Character's Name
- The time & Date
- "#Tryhards"

They must be McDonalds™ Chicken McNuggets, no other brand will do. This will put you under a "McNugget" rank.
If interested, contacts are :

(H) Telsa
(H) Zujo
(H) Odd

Thanks and good luck!
Welcome to the winning side! Still think you should of just got a new Guild name :(
!@#$ this i'm going horde.
Good luck guys on the moo side of the pillow. You will be missed <3
Zujo and Odd are teh best.

Welcome to horde, guys. Good luck!
2400 resto druid LF pro warlock/mage/spriest whatever for caster cleave in MOP.

(free bump)
Another guild bites the dust! GL on horde side guys.
I'm scared for my life now...
also must speak to me to prove you have the minimum swag / yolo level to join
09/18/2012 11:18 PMPosted by Vorinth
Zujo and Odd are teh best.

bump for good players!
Yeah, you guys are gonna get rainbowed.
die all of you
Sup sexies. Ex glad on my original shaman will be looking prolly to roll enh in 3's in mop if you guys need one. Gonna be taking a couple months off due to the birth of our first child so I will be getting a late start on the season. Recently xfered here so still searching for good ppl to run a comp to glad with ^^
09/19/2012 03:21 PMPosted by Archanon
I lol'd

why did you look at your title this season?

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