Pet Targeting

Death Knight
This can't be just me, I'm seeing this on my hunter, warlock even on my DK when frost and using control undead.

when on assist:
the target dies, no matter the number of mobs aggro'd and beating on the pet, the pet runs back to me before acquiring a new target instead of going after one of the mobs attacking him

when on defensive:
he won't attack anyone (automatically) unless they've hit either me or him.

This seems to have cropped up last tuesday I was hoping it would of been fixed yesterday but nope.
@Elighn Dunno if this can help you, but I always AoE and click one of the offensive Pet Abilities so it wont get aggro and not run back to me.
Trouble is thats not working, even on assist. even if i've fired multi-shot into a spread of 10 guys after each he runs back to me and charges the enemies again.

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