Need help surviving in pvp as ele

I really like to ele in pvp but dont feel like I can survive in pvp as well as other classes. Mostly its the range that gank me. any tips?
also how do I beat a spriest?
1. Hide in a bush. Hope no one sees you.

2. Wait for a mage or hunter to knock the spriest down to 10%, then pounce.
1. Hide in a bush. Hope no one sees you.

The 3 foot fun sized orc just suggested a 6ft smurf to hide in a bush.

...What works for one race won't work for another :(

In seriousness though, an important thing for elemental to do now is to make a power aura, or have some sort of addon, to show you when you have clearcasting active. Our self-healing is going to be weak outside of it, so when you have them up (and you should have them up often) you should take advantage of the healing if you need it.

Otherwise PvP isn't very balanced right now for anything right now, and elemental is specifically balanced to have ascendance so our damage output is not very good right now, especially compared to priests who aren't balanced around their level 87 talent. I've heard spriests specifically are pretty strong for PvP right now. I know when I was herbing on my Spriest he never loses shadow orbs (Unlike HoPo on a paladin), and devo plague hits pretty hard now, so it's very easy to burst someone down if you start combat with 2-3 orbs.
Im sure the giant red nameplate doesnt help either.
Elemental is 90% positioning, play where you're strongest - at the back - don't over-extend yourself, run back and heal yourself up if you're noting the battle is turning against you, if you have cooldowns popped on you, Hex the person who popped the cooldowns - or pop a defensive like Astral Shift.


Purge all shields, buffs, heals, sit on them constantly tunneling Chain Lightning and every Lava Burst you have, ground their Mind Blast (so they can't get Shadow orbs), trinket the Silence if you have to and make use of SWG to retreat and heal yourself. When they get low they'll probably drop out of Shadowform to heal - make sure you catch the flash heal at about 30%. If you can't kill them in that short window (try and force a Disperse before this) Hex them as Shear wears off and hope you can take that last 10-15% off when they are Hexed.

Things to watch out for:

Don't go shearing Vampiric Touch, however appealing it may seem
Ground Mind Blasts, or if you're a pro and are keeping track of their shadow orbs, ground Devouring Plague or Psychic Horror (although denying them access to Shadow Orbs in the first place is probably more efficient).
Heal yourself often, know that a good spriest will try and silence you when you get low so this can't occur - if this happens or you feel severely pressured, pop Healing Tide, keep HST up when you need it
Tremor Fear
Don't be afraid to pop CoE to get a second tremor or grounding totem up
I doubt most fights will extend past 35s in random BGs, but a Hex at the start if they are heavily buffed can either 1. Force a trinket or 2. Allow you to take all buffs off (this is pretty important, since a good priest will spam buffs or other cheap stuff to stop you getting their shields or Mind Blast insta-casts)

You should be able to win 50% of the time at the most. Good Shadowpriests will probably pop everything and burn you down in seconds knowing that a drawn out hybrid fight is the last thing anyone wants.


Nearly every Shaman forgets this. In BGs you can often run behind a building (or inside a building if you want to confuse them) to stop casts, or if you're lucky make them lose interest (Shadowpriests are more likely to do this than say, Hunters, because they know you're playing a Hybrid too). You can also begin a cast of LB or a SWG spell (I wouldn't bother with Lava Burst, since the cast time is so short, same goes for Chain lightning), duck behind a wall and then duck out to throw the LB. It's disruptive, annoying and might make them fail at (at best) 70% of their casts.
spam 100k healing surges

09/20/2012 10:57 AMPosted by Karrakis
Purge all shields, buffs, heals, sit on them constantly tunneling Chain Lightning and every Lava Burst you have,

yeah spam chain lightning and oom in the first 30-45 seconds
spam 100k healing surges

Purge all shields, buffs, heals, sit on them constantly tunneling Chain Lightning and every Lava Burst you have,

yeah spam chain lightning and oom in the first 30-45 seconds

Yeah I kinda avoid ooming myself with chain lightning, I use it for kill phases and if I feel mana rich. You are right though, don't go ooming yourself with chain lightning, use it when you want to get out more damage over a short period (1.17s cast vs 1.65s cast on my Shaman, maybe 1k lower damage) but yeah gp don't spam it like a tard.
Positioning is the main thing, you've got earthgrab/frost nova and thunderstorm to peel people off you whilst dpsing them with your myraid of instant casts.

Ultimately just position yourself well, and I don't know about spriests (my ele experience is pre-patch) I play Enhancement predominantly.
You are pretty much screwed if you fight a rogue. Ret Paladins are tough one on one right now as well.

You just need to be really active with purging buffs and keeping flame shock up. Use your defensive spell often. Use grounding on death grip and/or for heal protection. Try and force them to use gap closers without your root spell, so you have that time to nuke them.

Our damage output seems a bit low right now compared to some other casters, so a lot of times you will need to play it a little slow and win the positioning battle.
Speaking from a 1vs1 perspective, it seems it is now possible for Shaman to pull off a little mini Chain-CC of their own!

With a bit of practice and timing (and Mastery luck), I have managed to win duels against hard opponents and "OP" classes more than I would have thought possible, using the mini CC chain and a few other tricks.

My tips for some measure of success in BGs and maybe even some 1vs1:

Chain CC- requires timing and awareness of the status of your opponents defensive CD's - 1. Purge 2. Get up close and root them 3. Drop Capa totem 4. Hex 5. Pop talent Call of Elements 6. Reapply root and Capa Totem. 7. Spin out that you, an Elemental Shaman, actually CC'd another class long enough to be mildly useful! 8. Use this free time to heal; take stock; reapply Flame Shock; Drop Grounding; Generally prepare to kick !@#$; etc etc.

Glyph Purge- If you are expecting to mostly be fighting Mage, Priest, most casters, etc, glyph Purge. Example: Mages have some OP abilities, not least of which is Ice Barrier. It is very satisfying to render a mage naked of this and other OP spells with 1 push of a button. It levels the playing field by a ton.

Victim of an opener by stealth or other Melee - 1. You should already have searing totem down. Magma doesnt help de-stealth on the opener, as Sap seems to have a stupidly long range. 1.5. The ideal position for you is on high ground or slightly up hill. 2. First thing you do, assuming they havnt already popped an ability that will negate its effect, is thunderstorm. 3. This will give you the space of a global CD to prepare to drop Earthgrab totem (dont move into the mini Chain-CC at this early stage, your opponent will still be bristling with defensive CD's and will easily counter the chain) 4. I have denied alot of melee tons of free damage using this simple and obvious technique. It also gives me time for positioning and preparing.

Forget totemic Projection (from a BG perspective) - In its current state, TP is unwieldy. Often used to project Capa totem, but this seems to fail more often than not because both abilities are pretty unreliable and very easily countered. I find Call of the Elements to be mandatory for my play style, a super important defensive CD. I use it for the mini Chain-CC, refreshing Grounding, Refreshing Capa, refreshing Earthgrab. In a very broad sense you could say it doubles our defensive capabilities, our CC, our ability to be just as annoying as most the other classes.

Ancestral Swiftness - I cant count how many times an instant Hex, and to a lesser extent an instant Healing Surge, has saved my life. It trumps the other 2 talents in that tier because it doubles as an offensive talent and defensive CD. Probably something like 25% Offensive : 75% Defensive. Whereas the other 2 are more like 90% Offensive : 10% Defensive.

Controversial Macroing of Astral Shift and Healing Tide - This hadnt occured to me until I read a random post of someone that did it. I tried it and it actually suits me pretty well. It has plenty of down sides, and is basically taking 2 talents that have a high skill cap and dumbing them down for ease. Although this combination has saved me plenty of times during some insane burst, I doubt Ill play out these two talent tiers like this forever. It feels like a bit of a no-skill cop out. However, it currently works, and until I get better, or learn new tricks, Ill keep this macro.

First Tier of Talents (lvl 85) - I find Natures Guardian to be just as crap as it was in Cata. Its a free heal and automatic, but just not enough to counter the insane burst here at lvl 85. Stone Bulwark I havnt experimented enough with, but the major turn off for me is it uses a valuable Earth Totem slot. Earthgrab and Tremor are high priority totems, I dont want anything to intereferre with them. For now Ill stick to my life-saving cop-out macro above.

Capacitor Totem - This totem grows on me every day. Often melee are tunnel visioning you and fail to notice the totem. If you can survive long enough till the detonation, its win. Essential for mini CC-Chain. Literally NO ONE in a Flag room packed with enemies notices a sweet innocent Shammy dropping a cute little totem. Laugh as you knock out multiple enemies. Flip side - its broken and buggy. In theory it should stun anyone within 8 yards of the centre of this totem. In practice it only works 60 - 80% of the time. I siht you not. Blizz will fix it some day.

Jeez I never type this much in a forum. Wierd. There is more but I need a break.

Looking forward to feedback comments (or flames) if any.

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