Will 5.1 have new raid content?

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I'd be happy with 4 tiers on 6 month intervals, with tiers having approximately 12 bosses each. I think this would an adequate supply of content.

The most efficient organization of this would be 4 tiers, each with 2 raids containing 6 bosses each. Producing a total of 8 raids and 48 bosses per xpac. This is consistent with the volume of content product from TBC (actually, 1 raid behind).
Agreed. I'm a fan of multiple raids. Easier for us casuals to pop into them once in a while :)
09/22/2012 04:45 AMPosted by Osmeric
If 5.1 arrives in three months, and doesn't bump the "tier" counter, it's not clear why anyone should complain. The time-to-next tier (in 5.2, I presume) wouldn't have been changed from the previous systems.

My guess is it will probably be 4 months between mini expansions.

so 4 months in scenarios
8 months in raid
12 months in scenarios
16 months in raid

or something like that.
5.1 is unlikely to have a raid; Blizzard has been pretty consistent that the 5.1 patch will change the landscape of Pandaria to include more Alliance vs Horde content (the biggest being the landing bases in Krasarang Wilds).

It's no secret that 5.0 is meant to evoke the players stuck in an undiscovered land feel. When 5.1 rolls around that'll likely be gone.
I wonder if they actually have 5.1 planned for a late november or december release to put something up against the rift expansion and also give people on holidays something extra to do.

Quicker patches allow them to get the smaller systems and quality of life changes in sooner they are often overlooked in the huge patches.
If blizzard fails to put a raid in the first patch, I am sure they will lose subscribers. This is the same mistake made in Cataclysm, where, because of lack of raid content in the first patch, there was no stepping stone into the raid after that. Abyssal Maw should of been part of 4.1. Remember, blizzard, heroics do not give epics like in LK, so they are harder to come by. Raids, on the other hands, offer gear that is required for the raid in the next patch to be optimal for everyone. Blizzard needs to go back to their roots, where they release raids every patch, or even 2, like in Burning Crusade. Again, expanding on original content is what blizzard should do. Raids have been happening since Vanilla, and they are still popular because, to me, they are the most exhilarating, and invigorating aspect of the game at max level. I level to play, not play to level, and that is why WOW still has the upper end against other MMO's because its focus on end man content- with the exception of Cataclysm. This expansion did not redo the old zone at all, its focus was the 85-90 area. If blizzard says they want to release content out faster, well, that is ok, but do not rush it. I have a feeling blizzard is doing that with this expansion- as they did with cataclysm- and as a result are ruining a classic game. Getting back on topic, I would rather wait an extra month for a raid in the first patch- a 6 boss raid will do even though I enjoy longer raids- just, blizzard, stop being lazy with raids. Cataclysm raids were short and unoriginal. You have a shot here to really impress us with some content filled patches, raids too!
There won't be a new raid in 5.1. Juding from some of the quests, it's supposed to come out in like the 3rd week of November or something.

Plus, there's nothing about a new raid in any of the PTR notes.

Which is fine. Not even close to enough time for people to clear MV, Terrace, and HoF Heroic by that point.
Going by past records there will be 3 raid tiers. Second raid tier may be in 5.2, and I bet that big blank island north of Townlong Steppes may have something to do with it.

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