Priest looking for Raiding Guild MoP (open)

Hey fellow readers. My main is Garrenz as you can see to your left and im ready to step back into the 10 or preffer 25 man raiding scene.

Background: I started playing this game in Vanilla and started raiding in BC when I was 12, currently 19. Attending a JC with a lot of free time when i'm not at work. I downed every boss within a 25 man guild up to Cata when I took a break. I too know the pain of farming Naxx every week. I raided some of the current content but not much. I raided as my priest mianly as a Disc healer and played shadow when allowed.
Now you're probably wondering why my achievements dont add up with my claims and thats because I made a new account due to my other one being banned for a 3rd party system, wont do that again. but honestly im just looking for a not hardcore but not completely casual guild either. I like a balance between the two. I want to see all the new content completely fill that raiding need ive had for quite some time.

So my availability is not very flexible, but I can see what I can do if I get into a serious enough raiding guild.
Work: Monday - 10am-5pm Tuesday - School until 3:20pm Wednesday - leave for wokr at 4:30pm (may get switched to morning and be available after 5pm. Thursday - school until 3:20pm Friday - head to work at 4:30pm-close around 9/10 Saturday - free after 7 usually Sunday - unavailable

Thank you for your consideration and I can promise you I am a dedicated raider who will not miss times unless i really cant make it, I want to learn my class in and out and down every boss. I'm excited for this expansion and the chance to be in your guild.

Reach me on Garrenz of Tichondrius or e-mail me which is also my at

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