TSM vs Auctioneer

So both of these are really good add-ons, and I've heard that TSM is the 'keybinding' whereas Auctioneer is 'clicking', but is TSM just THAT much better? I've been using Auctioneer for awhile and I'm familiar with it, but I'm going double crafting professions soon and I've been reading about TSM and their ability to customize posting and whatnot.

So can TSM do everything Auctioneer can do and more or is it just 'different, but better' or something else completely? Thanks.

also, if anyone could link any videos/guides to learn TSM it'd be appreciated too
I've used TSM for a long time and ive found it pretty much unmatched in functionality. It is however much more complicated to setup though most settings are self explanatory.

Ive used TSM to make millions of gold. I do also use auctionator for 1 thing which is buying, i vastly prefer how it lists things to anything else ive seen.


This is their tutorial section, i dont know how good they are though.
TSM is by far the better add on, however it does take alot more time to set up.

Once TSM is set up nothing can compare to it!

Live it and learn it!
I researched TSM a little prior to the patch for making gold, but didn't care for the interface in the YouTube videos and found the setup instructions really confusing. However, come patch day, TSM was working, Auctioneer was not, and I despise the default AH UI, so I gave it a try.

Nice new interface made it a little more easier to set things up, though I think it still has a big learning curve. As far as crafting professions go, I like it because...

-- Doing a daily scan, I can auto-queue only the items that meet certain profit thresholds.
-- I can quickly buy the mats I need for crafting, be it jewelcrafter settings, scrolls, or off the AH.
-- I can post all of my auctions quickly at either a default value or undercutting competitors.
-- I have actually been able to participate in the glyph market, despite its vast size and complexity.
-- I can easily buy herbs to mill by the inks that I am missing, plus have some idea of what I am spending on the inks, so I can decide if I want to buy low-level herbs or current herbs. Though I am not quite comfortable with the prospecting version of that interface.
-- I can keep all my gold on a single bank alt, while still knowing what mats I need to buy off of the AH, but using the auto-mailer, I can easily mail them to the correct crafters.

However, not all of TSM's features are the best, at least imo. So once Auctioneer was updated, I also downloaded it, and can run both addons side by side. With the Auctioneer Suite, I get...

-- More control over disenchanting (accidently DE'd an epic staff with TSM) and suggestions on DE.
-- More responsive prospecting and milling.
-- Easier to use auto-vendor tool, though I lose out on TSM's auto-repair feature.
-- Simple to use interface for non-crafting auctions through the appraisal tab.
-- Easier to use search tools for non-crafting searches.

I also use Postal to open my mail, it seems to work "better", though I do like the timer and mail count that comes with TSM. And I found a new addon, EveryGoldToBanker, that lets me set my bank alt and the gold that I want to keep on each character, and automatically emails the rest to the bank.
I use TSM and Auctionator.

TSM for all my crafting and selling needs. Auctionator for buying.

If you plan to craft and sell items...or even just sell items..nothing tops TSM. It takes a bit of effort to set up, but it is such a timesaver.
I've made millions using Auctionator. Sure TSM is nice, but brain power works pretty well, too.
I just downloaded TSM and 5 of the modules I think. I can't remember which modules I have, but is there a way to determine the % the price is compared to the average market value of goods when buying on TSM-like Auctioneer's feature?

I'd prefer to have just one and I'm going to have Alchemy/Jewelcrafting so I figure the ability to have custom posting settings could help business a lot more than auctionator's price recommendation features.

I have to play with TSM some more, but it seems as though:

-TSM: Superior for custom posting bank alts - lots of modules
-Auctioneer: Superior for buying because it shows the percentage discounts and price per stack
-Both: Snatch list, Prospect/Milling/Disenchanting feature

Thanks for all the answers so far. I'm really trying to be as conservative with add-ons as I can
I use both add-ons concurrently and agree with everything listed above. If you're primarily going to use your crafting skills for making gold, TSM was designed from the ground up for that purpose. It's truly amazing for crafting. It's the only auction-house add-on that can calculate crafting costs and queue up profitable items, find the items you need on the auction house and buy them for you. Even its regular scan is fairly fast and it isn't resource-intensive. However, it's posting mechanics aren't the most intuitive if you've never used it before and are best for those instances where you need to batch post a lot of items (like when you have 200 glyphs to post).

Auctioneer, on the other hand was designed for the single purpose of getting the most accurate market prices on the auction house (and has no functions for crafting). It's more resource-intensive but if you have a lot of different items to post (say, gear drops from dungeons and raids, farming runs, etc.), its Appraiser posting function can't be beat. It's more intuitive than TSM for posting in my opinion. Also its SearchUI is unmatched and I prefer it for finding items say for disenchanting items for a profit. Also, the Enchantrix module for disenchanting/prospecting is much better than the TSM Destroying module which feels clunky to me (and led me to accidentally disenchant things I didn't want to).
I use TSM and LOVE IT, and any questions i have i just ask the one of the developers of it, since they play on the same server... :D
Basically if you want to sell 200 things per day then TSM is the way to go. Just be prepeared to spend a few hours setting up all the categories/groups and associated price points. But once it is set up it works beautifully.

If you want to sell 5 things per day then Auctioneer or Auctionator will do just fine. You may want to look into a professions addon such as Skillet if you go this route. The default UI leaves something to be desired IMO.
Yeah, TSM is far more useful for regularly selling the same stuff over and over. It also helps you keep track of what you should be crafting to replenish your stocks. For example, you can say, "I want to have at least 8 of each glyph that's currently selling at 100g or higher", and queue up some glyphs to make. Then you can scan the AH for inks, herbs to mill, or herbs to mill for inks to trade, and buy whatever you need at the lowest price to craft those glyphs. Then there's an interface for crafting glyphs, emailing them to alts, and posting them.

I switched away from Auctioneer way back in the day. I asked about the possibility of getting some mass-cancel functionality added to Auctioneer, and was told with condescension and sneering that this wasn't good behavior and I shouldn't want this feature. I switched then, although it was to a precursor of TSM.

Auctionator is also a great tool for posting one-off stuff, as well as buying lots and lots of things. I use those, and not Auctioneer at all.
Holy necromancy batman! Why are threads this ancient still open!?
09/12/2014 05:33 AMPosted by Metricos
I've always stuck with Auctionator. Auctioneer when -ator was out of date for a bit. TSM is great, but it is way more addon than I need.

Thanks for sharing, but did you need to necro a 2-year old thread?
Yes, I know this threads is OLD. But I want to add my 2 cents about TSM.

TSM wants ADMIN privs on your computer. Prior to using it, I did some research. Then I wrote a nice email the developers expressing my security concerns about any app that wants admin privs, and asked them exactly why and what privs it needs.

They completely ignored me.

That's enough for me to say LEAVE THIS APP ALONE. Any developer who refuses to respond to a nicely written email expressing security concerns with their program has something to hide. Who knows what kind of info it wants or how deep it has hooks in your system. Does it know passwords? Your browsing history so they can sell your info for targeted advertising?

Not enough people ask these kinds of questions and blindly just willy-nilly click YES when an application wants admin privs. And a lot of those people are the ones who get hacked and get their computers used for botnets and such. Or at the very least have their privacy violated.

Again, until TSM makers come out with a public statement saying what EXACTLY they want admin privs for, I urge you to think twice before using this software.

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