Some quests impossible w/ touch of the grave

Some low level daily quests appear to have been made impossible or VERY DIFFICULT to complete for undead with the new Touch of the Grave racial

For example, the Ogrila daily "Wrangle More Aether Rays!" requires you bring an Aether Ray down to low health, and then wrangle them.

However, even when completely naked, auto-attacks proc Touch of the Grave, which kills the mob before you can wrangle them.

It also seems that touch of the grave is proccing from the rope being cast on the mob as well. Several times, I've successfully brought the mob to low health without dots, then channeled the rope, only to have TotG proc while I'm channeling the rope and the mob is killed.

Does anyone have any reliable suggestions on how to complete this quest or others like it as an undead? Is there any way to prevent Touch of the Grave from proccing? (my guess is no)
When you say "auto-attack", do you mean you have a weapon equipped? On one of my toons, I had to unequip a lot of gear to bring my damage down far enough. So, I was attacking bare-handed with just a chestpiece and pants on. Quite funny.
I am definitely experiencing Touch of the Grave proccing even when I'm auto-attacking completely naked and with no weapons. It hits for about 4,800 hp with zero gear... which is more than enough to finish off one of these mobs, especially when it's already low on health.
same issue here. extremely annoying. seems like touch procs every time. I'm at 81/86 for on the blades edge all i can do is hope i missed a quest chain some place because this seems impossible to do alone.
at lvl 90, could you complete it with Rez sickness as a work around, since that greatly handicaps you?
12/03/2012 07:45 AMPosted by Frostbringer
at lvl 90, could you complete it with Rez sickness as a work around, since that greatly handicaps you?

Actually, I tried this but Touch of Grave still procs at full power when you have rez sickness, but it does seem to proc less often. I finally managed to do it at 87 after killing a lot of rays.

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