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Wade Connington awoke to the sound of agony and confusion. Opening his eyes to quickly, he was blinded by the unforgiving sun reflecting off the sea before him. Taking a deep breathe, he slowly opened his eyes, allowing them to adjust.

He was lying on his back on an unfamiliar beach, with an odd haze clouding his mind. Sitting up, he looked about in an attempt to assess the situation. Members of all races, factions, and creeds seemed to be spread along the shoreline, either crying out in pain or aimlessly pacing in confusion.

Debris scattered as far down as he can see.

"Debris from what?" he mumbles. He rubs his eyes, trying to remember. Nothing.


several months prior

"I'll have a glass of your finest wine," mused Trade Prince Ratso Steamweedle, "one for him as well." His high-pitched voice booming in the back of Everlook's finest tavern.

"You're trying to get me drunk, Ratso," laughed Wade.

"You're much easier to convince when your drunk," admitted the Trade Prince.

The waiter approached with two fine crystal glasses, clearly kept for this such occasion. Placing them down on the table, she bows low and retreats.

"What is it and how much are you paying me this time?" Connington inquired as he took his first sip.

"Why the rush? Listen to the idea first, then we talk what you're needed for," the goblin lord began. "Neither of us are stupid, we both know Varian and Garrosh are going to have it out over this Pandaria thing. Money is going to be made, fast. I spoke with the board, and they approved my idea for a high scale, totally neutral transport. We charge patrons for a fast, comfortable, and safe ship ride from Booty Bay to Pandaria," he explains.

"You want to build. . . a boat," surmises the assassin.

Ratso sighed. "Not just a boat, Wade. It would be a pilgrimage."

"Okay well the Horde still owes you big, but they're not going to be paying you back any time soon. Where are you getting the extra dough?" asks Wade.

"We have an arrangement with your old friends back in Outland. Thanks to you, the Consortium is partnering on this. They're providing capital and their engineers. Combined technology is going to put this on the map. You'd be in charge of security, and you'd be paid twice the normal rate for the way there, and a 15 percent bonus for the return," offers the goblin.

Wade had no wish to haggle, money was no longer an issue for him.

"I want a stateroom. And my giant-bone daggers back," he countered.

"Bah. Done," Steamweedle spit.


((A goblin-ethereal super transport set out from Booty Bay six days ago. At approximately 20 minutes after dawn, the inhabitants awoke on a mysterious island. They have no memory of how they got to the beach, or anything after dawn. As they go on the island, it is soon discover that magic does not behave as it should. Warlocks can bring healing rain, Priests can summon rains of fire, and Shaman can raise the dead. This can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

You were on the boat, and now you're on the island. How did you get here, and what are you going to do now? Remember, the boat was 100% neutral, anyone could have been on it. Get creative, but not too ridiculous please. Standard rules, lets make it a good one))








Physical description:


Hmmmm... am interested im going to keep this in mind

So that means if it is a pally we hve unholy powers?
Been a while since I've gotten some good RP... I'll get in on this.

Name: Kirainas Silverwind

Race: Night Elf / Kal'Dorei

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Class: Death Knight

Afilliation: Alliance

Equipment: His plate armor, large runed sword, fishing pole, and small amount of health potions.

Physical Description: Kirainas is a bit taller than most Kal'dorei, and muscular along with it. His eyes are frosty blue, his skin is a light purple, and his hair is a blue/purple color. A small cut is on his lower left lip, and it curves into a crescent when he smiles. Frost always is visible upon his body.

Strengths / Weaknesses: His strengths are that he is a strong, muscular Night Elf who knows how to wield a weapon well. His weakness is that he underestimates his enemies own strength compared to his. Another weakness is that the back of his armor has a small spot in it that opens up to his flesh if he is in the right position.

History: Little of Kirainas' history is known to any, himself included. He remembers his slayings of the Scarlet Crusade while still in service of the Lich King, and he also remembers his death in Darnassus from a Scourge geist. Not much else is known except for the the time he has spent as a Death Knight as a soldier of the Alliance.

Not the best application, its my first try at one of these.
((just realized I never put a history in the sign up. Bah. Please include your character history, Kirainas...and Ihealedyou, in a sense. The island itself is somehow able to warp the normal flow of magic in the world. For example, A mage trying to conjure food would instead cause a tree to explode))
Bump... I want to see this thing fan out.

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