[H] Existence is Recruiting Raiders!

<Existence> [L 25] is recruiting members of all levels we are Raiding/ Pvp Guild.

We are currently seeking to Fill these Raid Spots! For our 10 Man Core Progression Group

1 Ranged/Healer OS
1 Ranged
1 Ranged
1 Ranged
1 Melee (Non Rogue)

Raid Times are 11:30pm ST Wednesday and Thursday (Raid Times are subject to change and we will work with your schedule to make sure you can raid.)

Message me in game or send me mail if you are interested, Spots are filling quick first come first serve!
We got some melee now just need some ranged come on Mages Boomkins and Hunters where are u!
Still lf Dat Ranged

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