Recruiting for the Silver Dawn *Rp*

Earthen Ring
*Nails a notice up on the guild board*

As times have gotten more dangerous than ever it is time for the dawn to break once more, we seek those of stout heart and a will to make a difference, be it in war or helping their fellows. for more information please contact Arac Ravencrest....

*smirks looking at the simple outline* I Neva could write worth a damn

<< The Silver Dawn is an old rp guild looking for fresh players to fill her ranks level is not an issue as long as your willing to participate and can handle some random silliness eventually we will be looking into more of the game aspect of the guild raids and such but currently looking to rebuild our base and level the guild itself if your interested contact myself or Lanavar for more information and a meet up for a lil yarpee Take care and join us in bringing back one or ERs oldest roleplaying guilds*
Bump for the almighty Dathan
Bump for Silver Dawn. They've been around for a long long time and I've never had bad RP from them. Good luck folks.

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