RDrood LF Raiding Guild

Area 52
Currently 4/8 HDS. Leveled her before xferring my other rdruid. I am looking for a raiding/progression guild going into MOP. Would very much like to finish out HDS since my current guild has not and doesnt seem to be worried about it. My schedule is open from 7pm-12am. Su, Mon, Tues, wed, Fri, ..as I raid on my main Thurs and Sat.

I am looking for a mature guild that is laid back and wants to progress in content. My ilevel currently is 390 (this being an alt). I have experience in all fights of ds and know my toon like the back of my hand. I xferred here from a dead server and found that Area 52 is the place to be.

My main toon is Vâjâyj...u may look her up. alt code is 0226

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