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Hi, I have been able to play until today when I moved into my college dorm and connected my computer with an ethernet cable. When I tried to login with my usual name and password, it acts like it will log me in but just say 'You have been disconnected from the Server" yet take me to a black character select screen. I tried deleting my cache and data folders but it did not work. Does anyone know what is going on?
Ok, now I managed to get it to where I can get connected, but as soon as I select a realm, I immediately get disconnected.
Even after reinstalling the whole game again, I get disconnected after I type in the name and password. I do have connection with the rest of the applications on my Mac, but just not with WoW, though I can still see the breaking news / announcements at the login screen.
Here is the connection log from after reinstallation:
9/17 08:16:54.738 Login program=WoW platform=Mc64 locale=enUS
9/17 08:16:54.747 Component WoW.Mc64.16057
9/17 08:16:54.747 Component WoW.base.16057
9/17 08:16:54.747 Component WoW.enUS.16057
9/17 08:16:54.747 Component Tool.Mac.1113
9/17 08:16:55.091 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_CONNECTING result: LOGIN_OK
9/17 08:16:55.282 Connecting to
9/17 08:16:58.765 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_AUTHENTICATED result: LOGIN_OK
9/17 08:16:59.428 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_CONNECT code=CSTATUS_CONNECTING
9/17 08:16:59.435 GRUNT: state: RESPONSE_CONNECTED result: LOGIN_OK
9/17 08:16:59.543 ClientConnection Completed: COP_CONNECT code=REALM_LIST_REALM_NOT_FOUND result=FALSE
9/17 08:17:03.889 ClientConnection Completed: COP_CONNECT code=RESPONSE_CANCELLED result=FALSE
9/17 08:17:03.889 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_CONNECT code=CSTATUS_CONNECTING
9/17 08:17:03.941 ClientConnection Completed: COP_CONNECT code=RESPONSE_CONNECTED result=TRUE
9/17 08:17:03.962 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_AUTHENTICATE code=CSTATUS_AUTHENTICATING
9/17 08:17:04.165 ClientConnection Completed: COP_AUTHENTICATE code=AUTH_OK result=TRUE
9/17 08:17:05.503 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_GET_CHARACTERS code=43
9/17 08:17:06.997 Client initiated Disconnect from
9/17 08:17:07.009 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_DISCONNECTED result: LOGIN_OK
9/17 08:17:07.012 Login program=WoW platform=Mc64 locale=enUS
9/17 08:17:07.012 Component WoW.Mc64.16057
9/17 08:17:07.012 Component WoW.base.16057
9/17 08:17:07.012 Component WoW.enUS.16057
9/17 08:17:07.012 Component Tool.Mac.1113
This is something we're investigating, as other users who connect from a university/college have report connection issues like this.

We're currently gathering more information, and I'll be reaching out to you via email.
I am before/after the move in to my dorm room in the Pacific (San Diego/Los Angles) time zone. First I attempted to connect last night around 10pm, 10:30, then near midnight. I tried again at 8:30 am after completing reinstallation. I have just now downloaded Wireshark.
Thanks. When you have the Wireshark info ready, please send it back to the email, so that we can check it out. Thanks!
Is there a specific interface I need to capture or is there another way?
The Interface is however you connect. My Ethernet connection is en0. If you're wireless, it will be en1 most likely. I checked my from System Information > Network and saw what my active connection was.
Did the email get received?
I forgot to mention though I tried to connect to Moon Guard, I got redirected to another random server such as Wyrmrest Accord
I just got into the office. I got the console message, but the WoW Disconnect file didn't make it.

What file extension is it? Some file extension do not work properly when goes thought our mail service. Can you try compressing it and see if it helps? You can compress files by putting it in a folder and then right-clicking the folder, pressing "Compress".
I bet the second email with the compressed file did not work either.
It worked. I sent the information our to the appropriate team that is reviewing these cases. Any updates I will post back in this thread, but for now, the investigation still is on-going.
please send me an email aswell. im connecting through a college network and ive been having this problem with EVERY blizzard game i try playing and its a continuous problem. i believe it is connected with error 3007 in diablo.
I'm also having this issue and have been saving pcaps. Email me and I'll send them over.
Could I have an email as well? I'm having the same problem.
I am also having this problem, Can I have an email too please.
I also get disconnected whenever I move, may I have an email

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