Friday Premade BGs + Saturday LFR in MoP

Hello my name is Panda and I am one of the admins over at MMO-Panda. With server communities falling apart and Blizzard introducing cross-realm zones we felt we needed to create an Oceanic wide server community. So we formed MMO-Panda to foster social interaction across Oceania realms through Premade BGs and Premade LFR raids (Alliance only).

Our premades are for Alliance on the Bloodlust battlegroup
Premades run Friday nights from 7:30pm until 11:59pmAEST (+10 GMT)
  • Fast honor, easy wins, earn more difficult achievements, meet new friends from other realms
  • Turn the boring battleground grind into a fun adventure
  • To join simply hop on to our vent (hostname port: 3804) anytime during the night
  • Use of Preform AV Enabler is optional but strongly recommended. (Increases likelyhood of being queued into same BG)
  • ====PREMADE LFR===
    Open to all US Realms - Runs every Saturday 8pm until 11:59pm AEST (+10GMT) in MoP.
  • No wipes, faster clears, kick the trolls
  • Have a laugh, increase your social experience and learn new tricks!
  • To join, simply hop on our vent (hostname port: 3804) anytime during the night
  • First run departs 8:10, an estimated wait before second run is provided.
  • ====VENT INFO===
    port: 3804
    no pass

    ===OUR GUILD===
    Oceania is an Alliance guild on Frostmourne-US and is run by the team here at MMO-PANDA
    If you liked your experience during the LFR or BG run by us, consider joining our guild and have the same experience everytime you play!
    We run dungeons and scenarios everyday and are happy to teach new players willing to learn. Provide unlimited repairs to all active players (play more than 6 hours per week).
    We are currently seeking two more officers, one to run premade battlegrounds on a second night and one to foster guild socialisation. For more informatiton please use 'contact us' on our website.

    Please visit our website at
    Our website will provide Dungeon / Raid (LFR / NM / HM) / Class Guides in MoP. Expect Dungeon guides to be released within 72 hours of MoP Release.

    On behalf of the MMO-Panda team,
    Thanks for reading, looking forward to seeing you in the future!

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